Monday, November 26, 2007

Schwarz Stem Cells Event

This has been reported elsewhere, but is worth mentioning here. Former Congressman and Doctor Joe Schwarz will be a guest speaker tomorrow, November 27th, on the topic of embryonic stem cell research.

The event will be hosted by the Livingston County Democratic Party.
Michigan’s restrictive laws block:
• Research that can lead to cures
• Job creation
• Research companies from moving to Michigan

Learn the truth from experts

Michigan Citizens for Stem Cell Research and Cures


Former U.S. Rep. Joe Schwarz, M.D
Marcia Baum, Exec. Dir. MCSCRC

Tuesday, November 27, 2007
7 p.m.
Livingston County Democratic Hdqrs
10321 E Grand River, Suite 600
Brighton, Michigan 48116

RSVP: 810-229-4212 or

This event is free but donations are welcome.
Dessert, coffee, and tea will be served.
Schwarz doing an event with Democrats? Your guess is as good as mine when it comes to his future electoral plans. As of an October interview with Jack Lessenberry on WGTE's "Deadline Now," he said he was still undecided.

For those that have forgotten, Congressman Tim Walberg is against embryonic stem cell research, which Dr. Schwarz supports.

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Schwarz is a statesman, he can work across party lines and do the right thing regardless of ideology or party mantra. He did it in Lansing and in Washington.

We need him more desperately in Michigan at present than in Washington. He can do much more good here by driving the GOP away from it's radical right leanings.

Michigan has much to gain with high-tech reasearch. I'm glad he's still fighting for Michigan!
Schwarz is a life-long Republican who when push came to shove voted the 'conservative' way in D.C. Check his record in Lansing and you see the same right wing history.
Schwarz has broken with radical right-wing ideology plenty of times. He'd also have a hard time putting up with the radical left. He is more at home in a moderate room with people who are capable of putting coherent sentences together than a room full of party-line hacks. Maybe that is why he didn't get re-elected in the republican 7th congressional district.

I hope he finds a way to run for office again and would jump at the opportunity to help him. His brand of politics matches mine more than any other politican I have studied. I just wish more people voted in primary elections...
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