Monday, November 19, 2007

Walberg and Fraudulent Lending

Our Congressman is featured in an Article at
Walberg lived up to his conservative ideals — voting against a bill in the House that tightens restrictions against predatory lending. The measure, which garnered the support of 64 Republicans in passing 291-127
The best part is this quote from Walberg.
When you make a law like this — politically posturing on the basis of probably no more than the 10 or 15% of the loans that were made were fraudulent and took advantage of people, and the rest were good — it moves away from necessity to pure political gotcha."
The Congressman agrees that about 1 in 7 loans was fraudulent and took advantage of people. The amazing thing is that he does not seem to care about these people. How many are in the 7th district? Classic, when you don't have an argument just say the other side is politically posturing. If Walberg wont even stand up for those he admits were taken advantage of, what will he stand up for?

Even Joe Knollenberg voted for this bill.
I think that there are some things that could be done to further enhance and help these people.

Congrats on the note about this on!
I got a full-color flyer from Tim Walberg with pretty pictures of doctors helping patients, talking about how Tim supports affordable healthcare, etc. Would you like a scan of it?
Not quite on topic of Tim Walberg, but certainly on topic for his funders--the Club for Growth.

This was aired this morning on NPR's Morning Edition:
Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee's strong showing in recent public opinion polls in Iowa brings out new foes. The Club for Growth, an anti-tax group, is telling anyone who will listen about tax hikes that Huckabee supported as governor of Arkansas.
Walberg was elected on fraud. Everything he spewed about Schwarz was fraudlent. The guy has lied to his electorate, says he supports something, then votes against it.

The guy has no business in public office, he needs to go. I hope someone from the GOP challenges him and takes him to task on his abysmal voting record.
I got the same full colored flyer on Wednesday, what a terrible waste of my tax dollars.
Then, yesterday (mind you, no mail on Thanksgiving, so I would have gotten them back to back) I got a fundraising solicitation! I didn't vote for Timmy, I didn't send him money, and the idea of sending him money makes me ill.
I'm still not a Schauer fan, but anyone but Timmy would make me happy.
Votes and campaign pledges can be tricky things for us to understand, because we are not as smart as Tim Walberg.

Just read his lit and believe it, he cares about you. Unless you need a college education you can't afford, freedom to decide which medical procedures you need, or you are 4 and your parents cannot afford to get you to a doctor to check on your nagging cough. Shut up and go to church. They will tell you to vote for Walberg, too.
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