Sunday, January 20, 2008

An Ego Boost

I haven't been posting a lot regularly, and I apologize for that. My regular life has gotten busier and more complicated. Unfortunately, that means it's harder for me to find the time or the energy to properly chronicle the adventures of Congressman Tim Walberg.

From a quick look at the traffic statistics, it's obvious that we've lost readers since this summer. But I am glad to see that we still have one reader in particular.

Commenter Jay posted the text of an interview with Michigan Senate Democratic Leader (and Congressional Candidate) Mark Schauer from MIRS. I'm going to try to write more about that interview later, but here's a nice ego boost.
Q. You seem to have an interest in new media. How would you describe your relationship with the press, in general?

A. Good. Open, accessible. Part of my job is informing my constituents about what I'm doing, what I'm working on, what my priorities are, explaining often times complex issues like the state budget or other policy issues. And I've always, going back to my days in the nonprofit sector and (Battle Creek) city commissioner, had an open, active relationship with the press. I think the new media is an exciting way to do that. It's a very particaptory way. It's instantaneous, it's grass roots, interactive medium, which I think is fun and exciting.

Q. Any favorite sites in particular?

A. I try to check out MichLib (Michigan Liberal) and Blogging for Michigan every day. That leads me to others, some local, some national. I like Walberg Watch.
Senator Schauer, it's nice to know you're still reading. And to everyone else out there who hasn't abandoned this blog, thanks for sticking around. I'll get my blogging act together soon.


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