Thursday, January 10, 2008

Helping win the 7th from the grass roots

I have decided that one of the ways I can help defeat Tim Walberg is to build the party at the local level. It is important to Mark and all of our other candidates that we have strong Democrats running for all offices. Earlier this week I filed paperwork forming a campaign committee with the Calhoun County Clerk.

I will be a candidate for Calhoun County Commissioner in the 6th district. The 6th is in the center of the county and includes Marshall and 7 townships to the south. This is an open seat this year. The district has important swing precincts to the 7th congressional race. Republican's think this is their district, I'm going to prove them wrong. Granholm won this district in 2006 with 53.78% of the vote.

If you would like to help with my campaign, you can contact me at,

Doug Murch for County Commissioner
615 W. Prospect
Marshall, MI 49068


Just because Dick DeVos cannot win in that district does not mean it is ripe for a takeover.

There are plenty of local races, especially on the state level, across Walberg's district that will need attention.

Is this really the right forum for these types of announcements? Is every announced candidate for an office in our congressional district going to be allowed to post here? (I'm not talking comment on posts, but actually having access to post?)

Will Sharon Renier get the same level of respect as a county commission candidate?
I'm perfectly fine with regular contributors to this blog making annoucements. And Sharon Renier, though I have lots of respect for her, has been invisible...Wish she would post here or join in any of these discussions, whether she runs or not.

That was far larger things to worry about with this election.
Two-million four-hundred eleven thousand.

Two-million four-hundred eleven thousand what, you ask?

That is how many pork dollars Mr. Tim Walberg requested in earmarks as compiled and published by Citizens Against Government Waste.

This is the link so you can see for yourself:

Maybe $2,411,000 is too much, maybe it is too little. We can all disagree and debate that, but one thing is dead certain. It proves Tim Walberg is a liar. He promised to never support an earmark appropriation. He promised. He insulted and attacked Joe Schwarz for months on that very pledge.

Walberg is a liar.
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