Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What Walberg Believes

The Daily Telegram reported on a Right to Life rally.

This from our Congressman.
Also present during the event was U.S. Rep. Tim Walberg, R-Tipton, who shared a memory about leaving Afghanistan and seeing the faces of two particular children playing that stuck out in his memory.

He remarked how children in other countries are “pressed into duty of gruesome proportion” as suicide bombers “for the sense of destruction” while in the United States, which is supposed to be a “land of opportunity, ... goes one step further than radical Jihad.” In a calculated way, children are aborted, even “6 inches from being fully born.”
I won't even comment.

It sounds like Tim has been at a few Roe v. Wade gatherings. But I'm curious. I googled it but couldn't fine anything on him being at any Martin Luther King events. Was he?
Walberg is sick.

On a lighter note, does anyone remember that website with all the hateful, nasty pro-Walberg ranting? At the time, I tried to understand (for the sake of knowing the enemy) where paleo-Conservatism came from. Then I came across this article, which explains a lot about Walberg and a large portion of his supporters:
That quote from Walberg was his first shot at Schauer... I posted a day or two ago about that state Senate resolution. Who sponsored it? How did Schauer vote?

Now Schauer is on record supporting late term abortions (and that is exactly how Walberg will frame it). Right there we have our first issue of the campaign and it is Walberg who defined the debate.

I wonder what Walberg promised Cameron Brown for that issue?

If this happens too many times, Walberg will cruise to re-election.
yes, Walberg made at least one MLK event... at which he talked about the heroism of our soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq, and failed to mention that while he was in the State House he voted against establishing the MLK holiday. there were members of the crowd that had not forgotten.
Back again to that website, I think it fits well with this post of "what walberg believes," in that this post illustrates the type of humor his most ardent supporters find funny:

Remember, the last website these people ran actually had a link to Walberg's campaign website and contantly trumpeted his "accomplishments." I am sure they are proud of Walberg's anti-Muslim stances and probably enjoyed his thought provoking comments on Detroit and Iraq.

This is what we are up against. This is what we elected. This is what we are allowing to happen. These are the people who support Tim Walberg.
Does anyone have links to his MLK day 'celebration' and his voting record on the holiday?
Alan, I've spent the last 1 1/2 hours googling Walberg's voting record during his years in Michigan's house and am coming up with nothing regarding his 1989 vote. WalbergWatch had a number of his votes posted, mostly during his 96-98 term but I could find nothing in '89. I simply got frustrated and gave up.

I came across several photos of him at the JCC MLK celebration this week and they're easy to find.

But interestingly (and I honestly believe this), I came across this quote from a "faithandaction" blog:

Newcomer Rep. Tim Wahlberg (R-MI) spent 16 years in the Michigan House of Representatives, compiling a 100% pro-life voting record before defeating a pro-abortion incumbent Republican in the 2006 primary. Prior to his election to the Michigan legislature, Walberg served as a pastor for almost 10 years. Wahlberg said that the pastors of the black churches in his district told him that they expected God to use him in Congress. He promised the clergymen that he would “stand firm.”

A number of black pastors in this county have expressed this issue with me and they're pro-life. How that squares with his MLK vote, I don't know.
Joe Schwarz was not Pro-Abortion. This is another scare tactic created by the CFG machine and the radical right. Walberg is a liar and couldn't care less about the truth unless it fits his agenda.

If he's so Pro-Life why hasn't he supported the life-affirming research around stem-cells?

You should get the CSPAN video of the March for Life rally where Timmy spoke. He nearly calls people living in the developing world savages and made a veiled dig at Dr. Joe.

It would make a great commecial.
If Walberg is pro-life maybe he should take the food stamp challenge, and tell all of us how to buy food @$21 per week.
If you read the Telegram article, Walberg spoke along with a wingnut who wants to defund the March of Dimes? Any thoughts on that Tim?
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