Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Congressman Tim Gets Big Endorsement!

Knowing it is a little dated and to be expected, on January 25, the "sugar daddy" of Tim's 2006 election campaign, the "Club for Growth" decided to endorse him for reelection. Not much of a surprise, as he voted with them over 86% of the time. I'm just surprised he hasn't signed the "no tax" oath yet!
In the endorsement there was an interesting note, "Rep. Walberg also voted to reduce government spending, voting to defund outrageous pork projects (except his two earmarks this year, and the projects the CFG criticized him for last year in it's Repork card, see my earlier post) and to eliminate corporate welfare so taxpayers can keep more of their hard earned money."
Anybody know what "corporate welfare" Tim voted against? Are they talking about the Farm Bill?

The key here is, is this lip service or are they going to toss down another million to keep their puppet in office?

I didn't see any direct contributions on the FEC site...?
Yea, he's a pork buster alright. Like voting against the all the pork at W.K. Kellogg Airport.

Way to go Timmy!

Battle Creek will not forget!
Did anyone get a chance to video tape the "town hall meeting" Tim had last night in Jackson?
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