Friday, March 28, 2008

Poverty: Walberg Receives Failing Grade

Sargent Shriver, the first director of President Kennedy's Peace Corps and the 1972 Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee, was a firm believer that government action could bring about an end to poverty, providing opportunities and a level playing field to those unable to support themselves. Although Shriver, suffering from Alzheimer's disease, no longer works actively, the Shriver Center continues its advocacy and lobbying efforts to help pass laws which could help relieve some suffering.

Recently, the Shriver Center released a scorecard (.pdf file) rating the performance of members of Congress on poverty-related issues. Members of the House of Representatives were given a letter grade based on fifteen votes, and members of the Senate were rated on 14 votes.

Given that Shriver's belief that government can be part of the solution to the nation's problems is in every way opposite of Congressman Tim Walberg's belief that you are and should be on your own, I wasn't surprised that Walberg didn't score highly. Still, this bothers me:

(Click to enlarge.)

Of Michigan's entire congressional delegation, Congressman Tim Walberg was the only one to receive a failing grade. On only two occasions did Walberg cast a vote which the Shriver Center considers helpful in the battle against poverty.

Once again, I'm embarrassed to have this man represent me in Washington.

For more on the scorecard and its methodology, read the whole thing here and the press release from the Shriver Center.

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Wow, worse than Joe Knollenberg. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but Walberg is an ordained minister right?
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