Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Walberg No Friend To Animals

(Thanks to an anonymous comment for the tip.)

If you've ever read Dave Barry Hits Below the Beltway, comedian Dave Barry's take on politics in Washington, you might recall a sequence in which Barry includes the text of attack ads between two fictional candidates. With grainy black-and-white photos, it quickly spirals out of control, with one candidate using doctored photos of the other one, say, shaking hands with Adolph Hitler or Darth Vader.

In one, a photo is described in which the candidate is "hitting a kitten with a hammer." It's terrible, but I laughed a lot when I read it. Pretty soon, that's what negative advertising will devolve into.

But, the reason it's funny is because everyone knows how ridiculous it is. Everyone loves animals!

Except, maybe, Congressman Tim Walberg. He's not hitting any kittens with hammers, no, but he's not making any friends either.

The Humane Society Legislative Fund is the lobbying affiliate of the Humane Society of the United States, released their midterm report for the 110th Congress. They allocate points for different actions taken by members of Congress that are pro-animal rights. The best you can get is 100 points (or 100+, for some leaders on animal rights issues).

Congressman Tim Walberg scored... 17/100. He voted "yes" on one bill, which sets harsher penalties for animal fighting offenses, mostly in response to the Michael Vick incident. Walberg failed to support two bills (one protecting wild horses, the other protecting polar bears) and is not a cosponsor of two upcoming animal rights bills. Walberg also chose not to sign a letter encouraging more funding for existing animal protection laws.

What could Tim Walberg possibly have against protecting animals?

Maybe Walberg would be more helpful to the animals if they were to spend millions of dollars smearing his opponents. That seems to work well for other groups.

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Are you serious? Really? This isn't a serious post, is it? Tell me this is some sort of lame joke.

"What could Tim Walberg possibly have against protecting animals?"

While you Dems are out there worrying about what you are going to do to protect the wild horses, Tim Walberg is spending his time figuring out ways to protect unborn children. Tim Walberg is advocating the support of our men and women fighting for our freedom across the world.

You weaklings go ahead and spend your time criticizing Tim Walberg for not focusing on polar bear legislation. He'll be focusing on making this world a better place to live.

What did Sharon Renier ever do to Michigan Liberal? She ran hard against Walberg. This is just rude.

I appreciate the comment, Kevin. Calling people morons is a great way to get people to agree with you!

No, this isn't my most serious post-- I mean, I started it talking about Dave Barry. Nothing involving Dave Barry should be taken too seriously. But considering some of the worthless things Walberg does choose to care about (like his Prayer Caucus and adding meaningless anti-affirmative action language to bills) I figured I was justified in criticizing him for not helping out the furry creatures.

And, you know, I have written about Walberg's position on abortion and military matters before. I think I've earned the right to complain about the "little" things sometimes too.

Since you know so much about this, though, could you tell me what ways Congressman Walberg has come up with to protect unborn children? So far, I've only heard lots of rhetoric about life with no action. After all, the House of Representatives has no role in determining the make-up of the Supreme Court. Maybe he could help out some of the children that have already been born by supporting expansion of SCHIP, but he opposed that, as the dedicated, pro-life conservative that he is.

And our fighting men and women? If you call voting to continue war supporting them, then yeah, he's been doing that. Personally, I'd call that a foolish embrace of a failed military policy in a place we should have never invaded. But that's just me.

This wasn't my strongest or most substantive post, no. If you had said, "Gee, Fitzy, it's a little weak today! Couldn't you write about something a bit more important?" I would have been fine with it. But please, out of common courtesy, don't call me a moron. My Christian values always taught me to be nice to other people.

But then, I'm a weakling, a Democrat/Socialist/Communist/Hippie. So that sort of thing would bother me.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope that as you read more, your opinion of me will improve somewhat. If not, I suppose I can survive knowing that you think I'm a moron. Us Democrats are just too stupid to recognize the true value of a leader like Tim Walberg.
Lol. The point is Tim Walberg and his ghost like term in Washington where he's been invisible and acomplished nothing except be a water boy for the big buck special interests, is bad for people AND animals.

And forget about PRE-natal health care...
Nice reply Fitzy.
Walberg is also no friend to the middle class. He received an F grade from The Middleclass.org 2007 Congressional Scorecard.


TheMiddleClass.org 2007 Congressional Scorecard issues each Member of Congress, as well as the House and Senate as a whole, and each party a letter grade based on his or her votes on selected pieces of legislation in 2007. We selected bills that, if passed, would have an impact on the squeezed middle class as well as on the aspirations of low-income Americans striving towards a middle-class standard of living. For a complete list of bills that count toward legislators' 2007 grades, click here.

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