Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Why does Michigan Liberal hate Sharon Renier?

(By MIJustice10, cross-posted from To Play the King.)

Wow. What did Sharon Renier ever do to Michigan Liberal? She seems to be public enemy #1 over there.

Last time I checked, this site was supposed to support liberals, not rip them a new one.

I like Sharon. I voted for her last time around. I got hooked on Michigan Liberal in the 06 election because of their posts about what a loser Tim Walberg was and they'd always end with "Now go work for Sharon Renier!"

But now I read that Sharon is chopped liver- those are their words. Sharon doesn't like that the Democrats are playing favorites. I know it's been hard for her to try to run this time. She expected some support from blogs that used to support her. But they love Mark Schauer and told her to get lost. Actually, it was a lot ruder than that. They sound like a bunch of snotty high school kids:

"If Sharon Renier wishes to get angry at someone, it should be the god of political probability, who says that come August that in all likelihood she is going to get pummelled by a superior candidate. Working to that is not something that I need to justify to anyone, including anonymous hit piece authors who may or may not have just last Fall publicly complained about anonymous blogger hit pieces in a column written for the Battle Creek Enquirer.

It's also unfortunate that Sharon Renier thinks we should feel obligated to remain on the sidelines until after the primary. This says much about why, in this case, we aren't remaining neutral. While Renier complains about how she has no money and nobody loves her, Schauer is out raising cash and building organization."

I'm trying to remember the last time any Republican got that kind of ass-kicking. You'd think Sharon shot Mark's dog. I hope she doesn't take this crap. This kind of stuff makes me embarrassed to be a Democrat.

They should take a page from Blogging for Michigan. They understand what it means to be a Democrat and have apologized to Sharon in a nicely named post "No Democrat Is 'Chopped Liver.'" That's a class act.

I think when we're months away from the primary that we can make up our own minds on who to vote for. But thanks for telling us what to do, Michigan Liberal. At least we know Mark Schauer has won three votes from them. Not that any of them probably live in the seventh district anyway.

I have to be honest. I didn't think Sharon's odds were great since everyone knows Mark Schauer. But if his supporters are ripping Sharon Renier this hard, I guess they're worried. Good for her.

I really hope that Mark is paying these wannabes good money. But the sad thing is you know they're carrying water for him because they think he really likes them. Maybe they think they're going to DC with him! That's so cute. Aren't they smart enough to see they're being used? Mark doesn't need the three bucks they'll raise for him. He just wants their PR. He could care less about them.

A lot of us volunteered our time to help Sharon last time. She did a great job. She should be appreciated for that. She's a nice person and her heart's in the right place. Maybe some of those bloggers should actually meet her and see what she's about.

A great post, Francis Pepper. I'm with you 100%. I also voted for Sharon last time and just may do so again in November.
I'm trying to remember the last time any Republican got that kind of ass-kicking.

How soon we forget Joe Schwarz and John McCain.
See: Skinner, Nancy.

Same thing happened - and not just at ML.
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