Thursday, April 03, 2008

Congressman Tim loves his Pork!

Remember when Candidate Tim kept criticizing Good Ole Joe about his nasty habit of "bringing home the bacon"?

Well, I guess things change from Candidate to Congressman. The Citizens Against Government Waste released their report on the Fiscal Year 2008 Budget and Congressman Tim is listed for 17 projects! On six projects, he is the only House Sponsor.

Lets take a quick look, shall we?

These are projects he sponsored with other House members:
$111,216 for Armilliaria Root Rot Research
$368,403 for Apple Fire Blight Research
$262,152 for Bovine Tuberculosis Research
$156,894 for "Improved Fruit Practices" Research
$283,005 for Sustainable Agriculture Research
$368,403 for Phytophthora Research
$3,200,000 for Fleece Insulating Liners for extended cold weather for the Army
$2,000,000 for Multi Climate Protection System for the Navy
$2,500,000 for Sonobuoys for the Navy
$2,400,000 for Cold Weather Layering System for the Marine Corps
$1,722,700 for the Great lakes Fisheries Office, Fish Mass Marking Equipment

These projects are those where he is the lone House Sponsor:
$1,600,000 for Total Perimeter Surveillance
$487,000 for Adrian College for Nurse Training Programs
$195,000 for Siena Heights University, Adrian, for Nursing Programs
$158,000 for ProMedica Continuing Care , Adrian, for a telemedicine initiative
$343,000 for ITA Bus Replacement, Jackson
$490,000 for W.K. Kellogg Airport, Battle Creek, Runway

I will attempt to define some of these projects over the coming weeks, but, Congressman Tim needs to explain his "conversion" to Pork!

Not defending Tim here, but I don't feel equipping the military in time of war is pork.

Also, if I recall, he voted against the transporation bill which funded Kellogg Airport and took credit for it passing. Am I wrong?

BTW, since he's been in office, I've not heard anything about continuing to find funds for I-94. That was a passion of Schwarz and he worked with all the I-94 Reps to improve it and widen it to three lanes. Did Wally consider that pork? Is that not a priority for him?

In looking over votes and statistics, Walberg is one of the most inconsitant Reps in Washington. We can do better!
Someone must be handfeeding those military pork projects to him to keep him safe. He knows nothing about the military (though his age would have made him eligible to be in Vietnam, right?)

Look, Fitzy, I will save you the time. The only explanation for Walberg's pork prowess is that he is a liar. He has no backbone. He is an opportunist who only cares about himself and getting re-elected.

He is scared of Mark Schauer.
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