Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Schauer Brings Jobs To Michigan

One of the things Tim Walberg repeats wherever he goes is that Michigan is in the middle of an economic crisis. And you know what? He's right. Michigan faces some very complicated problems which can't be solved by simple acts like cutting taxes for the rich, which seems to be Walberg's favorite strategy.

What Michigan needs right now is jobs, and to get those, it takes real leadership and thoughtful action, not loud rhetoric and bluster. It takes leaders who are willing to go out and talk about the things that make Michigan great, not go out and bash the state. Michigan needs someone who's willing to work on behalf of its residents, not on behalf of the elitists who have been financing Walberg.

Thankfully, someone is actually doing something for the state. And, as luck would have it, he's also running for Congress.

From the Schauer for Congress campaign:

We had some exciting news to share today, and wanted to make sure folks saw this story from the Jackson Citizen Patriot:

A state agency this morning gave the go-ahead to award tax breaks to companies in Homer and Jackson, a move that will preserve and expand jobs, according to news releases from state Sen. Mark Schauer, D-Battle Creek, and the Michigan Economic Development Authority.

The announcement was made at a Lansing news conference.

Schauer and state officials have been working with both companies -- Brembo North America in Homer and Production Engineering in Jackson -- to secure incentives that will help them invest in Michigan, instead of sites in Mexico or Indiana.

Brembo North America, which manufacturesbrake systems, plans to conduct manufacturing operations in Homer. More than 100 jobs will be retained, with the goal of adding another 176 over the next several years. Michigan won out over options in the Carolinas and Mexico.

You read that right - with help from the MEDC and Sen. Schauer, Michigan beat out competition from Indiana and Mexico.

There's also a video:

Senator Schauer used his position in government to actually help his district and his constituents. He brought jobs here. Congressman Walberg, what have you done for us?

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Just wondering ... what exactly did Mark Schauer have to do with bringing these jobs here? This was the MEDC. Kind of sounds like when Walberg takes credit for federal actions he had nothing to do with.
Schauer voted to raise taxes on businesses with the MBT and surcharge, service tax and increased income tax and then expects praise when he pushes to get targeted tax cuts for individual businesses. If tax cuts work to create jobs why not cut them for all businesses?
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