Friday, June 20, 2008

Walberg Watch Video - Great Lakes

Today is the first day of summer, which means it's a great time to introduce a new series on Walberg Watch. Every Friday, I'll be releasing a new video highlighting one of Congressman Tim Walberg's finer moments. Today, I start with how he "doesn't understand" why we don't drill for oil under the Great Lakes.

I actually added this particular video back in February as a YouTube test, but future videos will be released on Fridays this summer and fall. The videos aren't of the best quality, but as I've been making more, I think they've been improving. Remember, I'm very much an amateur at all of this.

If you have subjects you'd like to see in these videos, feel free to mention them in the comments. And if you think you can make a better video than me, by all means, please do so!

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What bothers me most about this urge to drill is the lack of any foresight. Wally doesn't seem to care that this is an action which "might" have an affect in 10-15 years, if we find anything. It is an issue drowning in total ignorance. We should never allow drilling in the Great Lakes to solve a temporary problem.

Let us not forget that we have two oilmen in the White House (President Cheny and VP Bush) who shut down our refineries and helped create this dependency problem in the first place.

We cannot sacrifice our pristine Great Lakes for a temporary demand for gas, period! The Great Lakes are Michigan's greatest economic tool and we need to give them that level of respect!

The guy simply doesn't get it! It's an election year and it makes for good chatter at a frustrating time.
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