Friday, June 27, 2008

Walberg Watch Video - Iraq ... and Detroit

The Walberg Watch Video of the Week:

For those that don't remember this episode (or want to relive it), the comments were initially covered here. Stephen Colbert's take on the situation is available here.

If you have subjects you'd like to see in future videos, feel free to mention them in the comments. And if you think you can make a better video than me, by all means, please do so!

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only two comments during the past week in spite of all your work to bring us very important information on Walberg. All I can say is I hope we can help you defeat Walberg come November. That's the reason for your vital blog and you deserve Tim's defeat as a result of your labors.
The new page is outstanding. Keep up the great work!
I stumbled across this blog...

you're a whack job.

If you are so certain this incumbent is terrible, then why do you sensationalize facts? Shouldn't the people of MI-07 be able to pick this up with just facts?

This video is the equivalent of having someone say, "I am not a fan of Beagles." Then showing a car hitting Snoopy.

I can only hope when you look in the mirror you get no satisfaction by thinking you have influence. All you are really doing is pushing incumbent hatred to further levels of hatred.

Stop the sensationalism and pick up a phone or start mailing some letters for the challenger and put your time to some useful work. Or you can keep sitting on your ass and hope this state will give you more handouts to increase your at blog time to your at work time.

post script - for the record i love beagles
Pointing out a candidate's stupidity and ill-chosen examples such as comparing Iraq to Detroit or Harvey, IL is not pushing incumbent hatred. This video only further serves to demonstrate the ineptitude of the 7th District's representative.

We deserve better.
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