Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Registration Deadline on July 7

Today is July 1, 2008. We have four months left before the general election (plus a few days). But before that, we have the August 5 primary, where Democrats will choose between state Senator Mark Schauer and Sharon Renier.

But before that happens, we have a very important deadline coming up in less than a week. July 7 (next Monday) is the deadline to register to vote if you still want to be able to vote in the August 5 primary.

I'm guessing that if you're reading Walberg Watch, you're probably already registered to vote. But if you're not, or if you know someone who's not but should be voting in this primary, here's some useful information, always available on our Action page:

If you're not already registered:

Register to Vote (Michigan Secretary of State)

Rock the Vote

Not sure if you're registered? Not sure where to vote? The state of Michigan can help! Click here to find out if you're registered or where you need to go to vote, including a map from your house to your polling place.

If you're already registered to vote and are interested in helping to register others, try the Obama campaign Michigan events page. As part of his presidential campaign, Senator Obama has launched a massive, nationwide voter registration drive, and there's a good chance you can find an event near you to help register new voters.

You can also register new voters yourself using the register by mail form. If you register by mail and are a first-time voter, please note that you must vote in person in your first election, and cannot vote absentee.


The deadline to register to vote for the primary election is

JULY 7, 2008

The deadline for the general election is

OCTOBER 6, 2008

You MUST be registered before the deadline in order to vote.

In the state of Michigan, you must now have a valid photo ID when you vote, or sign an affidavit stating that you do not have a valid ID.

For more information, visit the Michigan Voter Information Center.

Voting really is the most important action you can take as a citizen, regardless of whom you support.

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I’ve been most successful using your last suggestion. Nothing else has worked.I’m unable to “stack” these for some reason, so I’d love to figure that out. but thanks for the tips so far.
Its really a deadline.

mba india
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