Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Primary Election Results Thread - Schauer Wins

I'm finally home for the results. I'll be updating the results as I get them:

Michigan's 7th District - Democratic Party

342 of 342 Precincts Reporting (100%)

Sharon Renier - 9,034 - 34%
Mark Schauer - 17,268 - 66%

Michigan Secretary of State
Battle Creek Enquirer
Lansing State Journal
Daily Telegram
Detroit News

UPDATE: For county-by-county results:

Branch County (.xls file) (Renier 310, Schauer 242; Walberg 4,909)
Calhoun County (Renier 1,131, Schauer 6,538; Walberg 6,023)
Eaton County (Renier 1,340, Schauer 1,852; Walberg 6,331)
Hillsdale County (Renier 416, Schauer 325; Walberg 4,550)
Jackson County
Lenawee County
Washtenaw County

UPDATE II: For those curious, in the 2006 primary, the total Democratic vote was 19,753. Renier won with 10,402.

UPDATE III: As counties finish counting, they're updating the Michigan Secretary of State page with totals. I'm adding in final results in each county, with the county winner in italics.

UPDATE IV: The Schauer campaign claims victory:
Congressional candidate will challenge Bush Republican Tim Walberg in Michigan's 7th district

BATTLE CREEK—Today voters in south central Michigan elected Mark Schauer (D-Battle Creek) as the Democratic nominee in Michigan's 7th congressional district. He will challenge incumbent Congressman Tim Walberg in the general election on November 4.

Following his victory this evening, Sen. Schauer issued the following statement:

"Tonight marks the starting gun for our sprint to changing Washington in November. Voters now have a clear choice between someone who will roll up their sleeves to help turn Michigan's economy around, one job at a time, and the current Congressman who is making things worse. I have a strong record of working with Democrats and Republicans to save and create jobs, I'll support an energy plan that puts the needs of consumers ahead of record profits for Big Oil companies, and I'll get started on day one fixing what's broken in Washington."

The Cook Political Report and Roll Call have both ranked this race as a tossup, which is their most competitive category. In a recent interview with the Detroit News, David Wasserman of the Cook Political Report said, "Walberg continues to be in grave danger of losing his seat."
UPDATE V: From the Jackson Citizen Patriot, Schauer and Renier react:
"This is just one step toward winning this seat back," Schauer said. "We need to take this seat back from someone who is extremely out of touch with this district and with the needs of our state."
Renier, of Munith, said her apparent defeat is a loss for the people of Michigan.
"I believe people are sheeples and they will go wherever they think the feed is the sweetest," she said. "They will stand out in the rain but they don't realize that the big bad wolf is coming and that's too bad for them."
I understand that Sharon is frustrated, and I have nothing but respect for her and for the passion she brought to the race in 2004, 2006, and this year. I only hope that she eventually realizes that Senator Schauer is a solid progressive, a strong candidate, and a much better alternative than Tim Walberg.

I'm done for the night. Democrats have a nominee.

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Interesting how Schauer is losing in Branch and Hillsdale, and the margins look tight in Eaton and Lenawee... Though, he did win in a blowout in Calhoun... Looks like he's having issues outside of his Calhoun base... Plus under 60 percent... How many hundreds of thousands of dollars has he spent and she has no money...
Hey. now that Schauer is the winner, I'd like to know where he stands on univesal SINGLE PAYER health care for all!

Also, will he be a corporate Dem? He may be more realistic than Renier; however, I hope that realism doesn't put him in the pockets of the lobbyists.
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