Friday, August 15, 2008

Walberg: Iraq, 9/11 Connected

... Sigh. Today, on WKHM:

Greg O'Connor: Tim, give me a little history lesson because somebody asked me this question earlier in the week. What's the difference – Russia invading Georgia and us invading Iraq?

Tim Walberg: Well, the difference is that there was clear connections in Iraq to Saddam Hussein to what went on on 9/11.
Audio here.

Okay. Tim Walberg isn't stupid. Really, he's not. But apparently he thinks you are.

Iraq and the regime of Saddam Hussein had absolutely nothing to do with the attacks of September 11, 2001. Nothing. But Walberg thinks you're stupid enough to fall for it.

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Uhmmmm Fitzy, be honest here. That was definitely cut off mid-sentence - just listen to the audio, would be nice to include the whole statement. I was listening to O'conner this morning and your comment is def out of context, at least from what I heard... But, at least you should provide the full quote for full accuracy...
Actually, nearly all of the 9/11 Terrorists were Saudi's, our close friends and allies (??) in the Middle East. Why is there not outrage toward Saudi Arabia?

I believe we did a good thing by ending the regime of Saddam, but I wish we could have brought him down without going to war.

We were bound to take him on sooner or later.
didn't sound like it was cut off to me. sounded pretty typical from a guy who thinks Iraq's safer than Detroit.
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