Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Joe Schwarz Endorses Mark Schauer

Big news:
Former Republican Rep. Joe Schwarz, who railed against an anti-tax group's role in his unsuccessful 2006 primary, endorsed Democrat Mark Schauer on Tuesday because the organization targeted the congressional challenger.

Schwarz told The Associated Press in an interview that he decided to endorse Schauer over Republican Rep. Tim Walberg in the south-central Michigan congressional district because the anti-tax Club for Growth began running ads critical of Schauer's positions on taxes.
Schwarz, a supporter of John McCain's presidential campaign, said he had hoped to stay neutral in the race but "once they made the decision, the die was cast."

"That to me is the straw that broke the camel's back," Schwarz said. "I object to political dabblers who stand for nothing other than to create havoc and dabble in a congressional race where they truly have no interest."

Schwarz, a former Battle Creek mayor and state senator who is from Schauer's hometown, said he thought "it's appropriate to have someone who knows the area and understands the problems ... I think Mark certainly fits that bill."
and, finally
Schwarz said his supporters and former constituents had repeatedly asked him who he planned to support. He had hoped to stay neutral in the race but said he would now let his supporters know that he backs Schauer.

"The Club for Growth is in and I can't as a matter of principal stay out of it any longer," he said.
Though, instead of reading it here, the AP would much rather have you read it at the Chicago Tribune's website.

Here's the statement released by state Senator Mark Schauer:
"Joe Schwarz has been a colleague and a partner in helping move our state forward for many years, and it is an honor to have his support in this campaign," said Schauer. "Three years ago, I worked side-by-side with Joe to help save hundreds of jobs at the Battle Creek Air National Guard Base, and unfortunately, that spirit of bipartisanship has been missing since Tim Walberg was elected. With Joe's support, I look forward to fighting for the change Michigan needs as a member of Congress."

It's important to note that former Congressman Schwarz still supports (and calls a friend) Senator John McCain, and he's got a lot of friends throughout the 7th Congressional District. If Schwarz supported Schauer but did it quietly, this wouldn't be a big deal for Tim Walberg. But make no mistake, an open endorsement-- especially if followed by joint Schwarz-Schauer campaigning-- is not good news for Tim Walberg.

If Congressman Walberg wants to blame anyone, he can blame his friends at the Club for Growth.

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Welcome to RINO-land!
A heckuva lot more credible than DINO Lieberman.
I thought former Cong. Schwarz became an Independent last year? Did I hear that correctly?
From a May 6, 08 column written by Susan Demas regarding Joe's possible run for Wayne State's presidency:

But the Democratic WSU Board of Governors reportedly has reservations about Schwarz, who was elected in the Legislature and Congress as a Republican but who is now an Independent.
Actually, Schwarz is and has always been a moderate Republican. He's been at odds with the GOP becasue they embrace the far right lunatic fringe. The Michigan GOP has failed miserably in Michigan. This is part of the reason McCan left the state. They put people like DeVos up for major office who are completely out of touch with the mainstream GOP and real people.

This RINO business is a creation of Walberg and CFG. They are so far to the right everyone slightly to the left of them is a commie-liberal.

At least Schwarz took a principled stand against CFG by endorsing Schauer at the risk of what it would do to his political career. At 70 he really doesn't care anymore about party politics.

I'd say Walberg is the only true "RINO" around here. Representative in Name Only!
I don't think the "RINO" business is a creation of the CfG/Walberg camp (the term has been around for years before the '06 primary race), they were effective in utilizing it to stir the fears in the more conservative-leaning district. Schwarz is moderately conservative, and if conservative voters were intellectually honest, they would have taken the breadth of his stances and judged him to be pragmatic.

But the Republicans once again, shot themselves in the foot by eliminating an effective law maker in favor of...of...whatever you'd call Walberg.

"Useless" anyone?
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