Friday, October 31, 2008

Adrian Daily Telegram Endorses Walberg

It's not a huge surprise, since the paper leans right anyway, it's the only daily newspaper in Lenawee County, and it's endorsed Tim Walberg in the past. Nevertheless, it's worth mentioning that Adrian's Daily Telegram endorsed Congressman Tim Walberg in it's October 24, 2008 issue:
In Michigan’s 7th Congressional District race between Tim Walberg and Mark Schauer, playing up the candidates’ differing views on TV has been like shooting fish in a barrel. In real life, however, the actions of Rep. Walberg in Washington have turned out to be consistent and practical, and that is why voters should re-elect Walberg on Nov. 4.
The editorial commends Walberg for what he's done in Congress (including many things I've criticized him for-- and I stand by all of my criticism), and then proceeds to call Mark Schauer a "big-government liberal." Yeah.

If you're interested, you can read the whole editorial.

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I love the Telegram. I did some freelance writing for them years ago, I was born in Adrian and I still remember the union busting that went on back in the 1970s. But it's editor slant is pure 1800s.

It's amusing that as their circulation continues to fall apart, the editorials seem more and more like they are written with the idea of getting the editor a nice set of clips for a future job at Fox News or the Detroit News (if it weren't going to fold in the near future).

I always read it online for a laugh (the editorials) and look forward to laughing and sending my congrats to them on Wednesday, the day after Mark Schauer is elected to Congress
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