Thursday, October 09, 2008

Walberg DID Call Social Security "Socialism"!

(Thanks to the reader who e-mailed me about this.)

Some regular readers of this blog and of Chris Gautz's work at the Jackson Citizen Patriot website remember this advertisement put out by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee:

Right from the start, the ad cites an article in the Daily Telegram from 2004 in which Walberg calls Social Security "socialism." It's certainly not a good quote for Walberg-- as the ad notes, a lot of people rely on Social Security, and the negative connotation "socialism" carries is likely to offend a lot of people.

Chris Gautz was doubtful about the accuracy of the quote, mainly because, as a former employee of the Telegram, he had thought he would remember a quote that explosive. Although I probably would have read that article in 2004, my memory for these sorts of things is awful, so I deferred judgment to a later date.

But thanks to the magic of the internet and the wonders of active readers, Chris brought us the answer: Walberg did call Social Security "socialism"!

After reading for myself the full context of the quote, it would seem to lend credibility to what the DCCC was trying to say. But click below to see the portion of the article that was referenced and judge for yourself.

Here's the text of the article:
ADRIAN -- Tuesday's debate between Republicans and Democrats running for the 7th District Congressional seat allowed candidates to inform the public about their views, but led to little debate.

When a panelist asked the candidates about their views regarding Social Security reform and privatization, Republican Tim Walberg and Democrat Drew Walker openly debated the subject briefly.

Walker said the privatization of Social Security in the wake of corporate scandals and unstable stock prices could lead to individuals putting their retirement savings at risk in uninsured private accounts.

"What an incredible scandal; I would certainly never take part in that," Walker said. "Social Security is one of the foundations of our society for getting older."

The question then turned to Walberg, who began by expressing his feelings about Walker's statement.

"Wow, I just heard socialism at its finest," said Walberg, a former state representative. "Oh come on, that's offensive," Walker replied.

"That's defined as socialism when the government is required to take care of all of us," said Walberg, followed by audience laughter.
So, yes, now-Congressman Tim Walberg called Social Security "socialism" in 2004.

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Out of curiousity, can you explain why Walberg was wrong in this statement?
he did not directly say, social security was socialism.

he just said, that a gov't taking care of everything is socialism.

you make it seem like he is against social security and all government programs.

you post slants. which is why you are a blog and why a good amount of people don't take you serious.

come November 4, will you look all the hours of work on this fake news source a valuable waste of time?

perhaps time that could've been spent in communication courses or a political science course that would teach you what socialism actually is.

there is no problem with having an opposing viewpoint but there is a problem with "indirect assumptions, obfuscations, and distortions". furthermore, please don't offer anymore future polling analysis. it makes it too obvious you don't know what you're talking about.
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