Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Schauer Wins - Final Results Thread

All precincts have now reported. Here are the (unofficial) final results, via MLive:

356 of 356 Precincts Reporting - 100%

Name Party Votes Vote %
Schauer , Mark Dem 157,189 49%

Walberg , Tim (i) GOP 149,766 46%

Meadows , Lynn Grn 9,529 3%

Proctor , Ken Lib 5,673 2%

That's a margin of 7,423 votes.

Via CNN, here are the county totals:

Branch (100% reporting)
Walberg - 9,865 - 56%
Schauer - 6,879 - 39%

Calhoun (100% reporting)
Walberg - 23,920 - 40%
Schauer - 33,649 - 56%

Eaton (100% reporting)
Walberg - 24,876 - 45%
Schauer - 27,648 - 49%

Hillsdale (100% reporting)
Walberg - 12,015 - 60%
Schauer - 6,981 - 35%

Jackson (100% reporting)
Walberg - 34,231 - 47%
Schauer - 34,977 - 48%

Lenawee (100% reporting)
Walberg - 22,950 - 49%
Schauer - 22,018 - 47%

Washtenaw (100% reporting)
Walberg - 21,909 - 44%
Schauer - 25,037 - 51%

And now it's all over. Note that Schauer won Calhoun, Eaton, Jackson, and Washtenaw Counties, while Walberg won only Branch, Hillsdale, and Lenawee Counties. It's also worth noting that Lenawee County-- which President-Elect Barack Obama won-- went to Walberg by only 932 votes. That's incredible.

Thank you, Congressman Walberg, for your service. Although I've been very critical, I don't doubt that you acted with the country's best interests at heart. We just have a disagreement on what's best for the country.

Congratulations, Congressman-elect Schauer. Now comes the hard part.

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Well Fitzy, make sure you continue to WATCH Tim Walberg because he will still be working hard for America, even if he is not the congressman anymore. So keep a close eye on him. He is not yet done doing good. He might spend some time with his family at first, (which is great too) but he will still fight for a better America. (Forgive My Sarcasm) But praise the Lord still, we will learn from this and move on for America. No hard feelings, but Tim is a great guy and I think you can see that. Tim and Sue are very caring people. I love them. Anyway, I thank you for caring to watch political representatives. We need to keep them all in check. Good job, even if I don't agree with you at all. May God Bless you Fitzy, ~ Andrew Back to the Constitution
I wouldnt even thank Walberg for his 'service'. Maybe now that he has free time he can minister to a couple of his electoral 'flock' at his 'victory party' who were seriously looking to have Obama shot:
Walberg is NOT a great guy. This isn't some chess game where we all shake hands at the end. People were damaged, hurt and were insulted by his pro-Christian bashing and you don't get to smile and walk away.


No hard feelings my ass.
Walberg is yesterday's lettuce. He will fade into obscurity where he belongs. He made no signficant contributions to his District. He was an obstructionist who just voted NO on everything; mostly of out ignorance and apathy. He is now where he belongs, out of public life.
That's almost right anonymous. He has voted no, on a lot of things....Like, No on Higher taxes. Which he has never voted for a "TRUE" tax increase. Unlike Mark Schauer. I know Tim, and in the short two years he has been in service, he and his staff has hardly slept! You should check out all the bills he has sponsored and the ones that he has voted in favor for. He never voted in "ignorance and apathy." He is the best congressman I have ever seen, and has the greatest, hard working staff. Meet them sometime. Tim may not come back into politics, (because he is not a lying politician and has an awesome family to be with) but his vision lives on. That will not die! He has inspired so many people. We won't give up for America. Plans are already in the works.

........Now to "alan in ann arbor" Tim, I, and everybody else I know would never, never ever want to kill anybody! Especially a not President Elect. I don't know those college students from Hillsdale, and I wouldn't encourage them! That would be wrong to joke around like that. But after the long night we had, I could imagine someone saying that. Though I don't justify it. Tim Walberg would not justify it either. That's a fact! So, I apologize for them. I didn't hear them saying that. Next, Tim "is" a great guy, but we could go back and forth saying he is or isn't. His record proofs it. And it also is evident by Mark having to deceive people to win the election. And you can't deny that Mark did deceive. Next, I don't know of any "Pro-Christian Bashing" that Tim did? But I do believe we should be kind to one another and love one another. That's why I don't hate Mark, Fitzy, Alan in Ann Arbor or Anonymous. And I do smile a lot. I also love America. The Free Market. Less Government. Personal Responsibility. Freedom of speech. Freedom for living and sharing my Faith. Liberty for all. That is why I like Tim Walberg who votes for less government, and freedom. ~ Andrew
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Sorry for blaming you Fitzy. I think the page on my browser must have been holding the cache. Sorry.
Tim Walberg has much to answer for in this 2010 election.
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