Friday, August 11, 2006

The Election Begins

(Photo: Tim Walberg in The Daily Telegram)

Even lifelong Democrats admitted that Congressman Joe Schwarz was a rare kind of Republican. Progressives and liberals can disagree with him on just about anything, have passionate debates, and then walk away respecting their opponent. He was a Michigan Republican in the mold of former Governor William Miliken and former President Gerald Ford. Principled, dedicated public servants that work for the benefit of their communities. (Photo: Joe Schwarz)

The Republican primary on August 8th showed that the Republican Party of today doesn’t have room for men like Joe Schwarz. Instead, outside interests have turned it into a party where ideological purity is more important than good government. It is a party where anyone that does not follow President Bush and the official party doctrine is forced out and labeled an enemy. It is now a party that supports men like Tim Walberg.

  • Tim Walberg, who opposes the 16th Amendment to the Constitution.
  • Tim Walberg, who panders to radically conservative elements of the pro-life movement.
  • Tim Walberg, who would blindly follow President Bush into unnecessary wars.
  • Tim Walberg, who opposes common-sense government spending.

  • Join us in rejecting Tim Walberg’s radical conservative beliefs. Vote for a dedicated individual who will represent the entire district, not just the fringe elements of one party. On November 7th, vote to send Sharon Renier to Congress.

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    (Image: Sharon Renier)

    This blog is not currently affiliated with or authorized by Sharon Renier or the Democratic Party. Instead, it is operated by residents of Michigan's 7th District who do not wish to see Tim Walberg elected.


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