Saturday, August 26, 2006

Republicans for Granholm

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Thursday saw the announcement by former congressional candidate Gil Ziegler of a new organization to support Governor Granholm's reelection this fall. Why is this important? Because Gil Ziegler was a Republican candidate for Congress, and the name of the organization is Republicans for Granholm.

But why is Ziegler supporting Granholm?

Ziegler said he disagrees with Republicans in Washington and Lansing who oppose embryonic stem cell research and who have turned many social issues into political litmus tests.

"I'm going to disappoint some people in the Republican Party. But those are the extremists in our party who want to block stem cell research and who turned out of office a good man like U.S. Rep. Joe Schwarz," Ziegler said. He was referring to the 7th District incumbent who lost the GOP primary earlier this month to Tim Walberg, who said Schwarz was too liberal.

(emphasis added)

More and more Republicans are realizing that their party has been taken over by the far right. What once was a party devoted to fiscal responsibility and limited government has become a party of men like Tim Walberg, whose extreme social positions divide the country today. Rather than seeking to run an effective, responsible government, they seek to polarize voters with wedge issues.

Politics in America will improve when the GOP returns to the "sensible center," and Democrats and Republicans can honestly debate the issues. Until then, moderate Republicans who feel abandoned by their party should remember that there's a Democratic alternative.

Republicans for Granholm

Jennifer Granholm for Governor
Sharon Renier for Congress


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To get a balanced view on Tim Walberg's march to Washington over Joe Schwarz, seee this blog:
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