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Walberg and Renier On The Issues

Just before the primary, the Adrian Daily Telegram provided issue positions for both Republican candidates and all four Democratic candidates. Taken from direct answers given from the candidates, it's interesting to see the contrast between Tim Walberg and Sharon Renier.

Below, the positions given to the newspaper (emphasis added):
Abortion: Candidates were asked for their positions on abortion.

TIM WALBERG, Republican challenger: Describes himself as 100 percent pro-life, saying “I believe that all life is a gift from God and should be treated that way.” Has been endorsed by numerous Right to Life groups.

SHARON RENIER, Democrat: Says she believes women should have a choice, but wants abortion to be as rare as possible. Renier says she has a different perspective on the issue than other candidates because she is a woman.

Environmental and energy policy: Candidates were asked whether they support tax breaks and incentives for alternative fuels like ethanol, and whether they support drilling for oil in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge.

WALBERG: Says he supports tax breaks for alternative fuels, saying “I’m committed to giving tax breaks to all citizens, including business.” Supports drilling in ANWR and says it can be done “discreetly and safely.”

RENIER: Says she “absolutely” believes in tax breaks for alternative energy, and also wants to look at incentives to homeowners who use efficient technologies to reduce energy usage. Opposes drilling in ANWR, saying: “Can’t we just leave our hands off something?”

Iraq: Candidates were asked for their opinions on the war in Iraq, specifically the withdrawal of American troops.

WALBERG: Says America’s leadership should be able to work toward withdrawal in a clearly defined, but secret, way, so as not to aid the enemy by fully disclosing the plan. Believes troop removal should not occur until American goals in Iraq are accomplished. Says completing U.S. objectives will send a “statement to all death spots in the world” and “honor those who have died fighting.”

RENIER: Believes the U.S. needs to begin pulling troops out of Iraq and allowing the Iraqis to concentrate on rebuilding their country. Favors a staggered plan of withdrawal.

Canadian trash: The candidates were asked if they believe Congress should intervene in the importation of Canadian trash to Michigan landfills.

WALBERG: Says that “there should only be an intervention from Congress in the perspective of dealing with the safety, security and health standards of people.” Believes international importation of trash is a detail in the process of free commerce and trade.

RENIER: Wants to see policies adopted where garbage that is generated must be disposed of locally.

Death penalty: The candidates were asked if they support the death penalty as it is used today in federal cases.

WALBERG: Says that “I support the death penalty under clear circumstances.”

RENIER: Does not support the death penalty.

Gun control: Candidates were asked to describe their positions on gun rights.

WALBERG: Says he supports the Second Amendment and believes it was written to protect the rights of individuals. Has been endorsed by the Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund.

RENIER: Says she is a card-carrying NRA member who supports gun rights.

Immigration: Candidates were asked to describe their opinions on immigration reform and say whether they had heard any national proposals with which they generally agreed.

WALBERG: Says the proposal passed by the U.S. House of Representatives has been the closest to his ideal plan. First, Walberg says, borders need to be secured. No amnesty will be offered, but the legal immigration process must remain open. Immigrants must have clear documentation. “As we find them, then we must deal with the illegals that are here and deal with the employers that knowingly hire illegal aliens,” he says.

RENIER: Says she has not heard the right proposal yet. Says employers that hire illegal aliens should be punished; that both the northern and southern borders should be secured, and does not oppose the use of the National Guard; and that she supports developing worker programs to let people legally cross the border for work. Does not support amnesty.

Gay marriage: Candidates were asked whether they support the Federal Marriage Amendment, which would change the Constitution to define marriage as being between a man and a woman.

WALBERG: Supports the Federal Marriage Amendment, saying he doesn’t think “the Constitution should be easily altered,” but believes in this instance it is necessary to “control the activist courts.”

RENIER: Wants the government removed completely from defining marriage. Does not support any marriage-defining legislation.

Social Security: The candidates were asked for their thoughts on Social Security and whether they believe in President Bush’s proposals for partial privatization of the system.

WALBERG: Supports the president’s plan, including privatization of a portion of Social Security contributions.

RENIER: Does not support privatization.

Fiscal policy: Candidates were asked if they believe the Bush tax cuts should be made permanent.

WALBERG: Says the tax cuts should be extended and made permanent.

RENIER: Says the cuts should be repealed.

Illegal drugs: The candidates were asked if they support the legalization of illegal drugs or the liberalization of current drug laws.

WALBERG: Does not support legalization or liberalization.

RENIER: Says she supports legalization proposals because “the war on drugs doesn’t work.”

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Hi Walberg Watch!

I'm glad someone is keeping an eye on this race past the primary. It's easy to let it slip by. I'm working on a political campaign in that district as well: Martin Griffin for state representative. Marty's running against what amounts to Walberg's younger brother, Rick Baxter. We just launched our campaign site and I was wondering if you'd be interested in posting a link or doing a little blogging about the race:

Thanks a lot!

Ryan Bates
(you can reply to
Great job. This is a big race with serious consequences. It will be hard to overcome all the out of state funds that Walberg is getting (most of his money is from out of state).

I tried to talk to some GOP reps locally about Tim's position on Free Trade and outsourcing, but they said they didn't know what his position was except that he supported "economic growth" (which is often a euphemism for Ross Perot's giant sucking sound).

This is probably the biggest issue in the district. And, from his conspicuous lack of a position on the matter, is probably one that he is worried about engaging. Might be good for grassroots education and workshops.
Walberg's position on any economic issue will be exactly whatever the Club for Growth tells him. If you want to know, check out their website. Then, write Walberg a letter asking the question. He will probably even use some of the same language they use.

He will be a terrible congressman, but will create an amazing opportunity for the democrats in '08 to take this "safe-GOP" seat right before redistricting.
Walberg claims he is 100 percent pro-life but supports the death penalty?

Walberg is essentially a liar who will say and do anything. He will be a fully-owned puppet of CFG. He has serious integrity problems, if elected he will be useless and irrelevant.

The GOP leadership knows the score and will see to it he his kept on a very short leash which will be a huge detriment to the 7th.

We really screwed ourselves by not seeing to it Schwarz stayed in office. The 9 percent of the electorate that got Walberg elected must be very proud of themselves, they are a very small-minded and selfish group of people.
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