Monday, September 25, 2006

Sharon Renier on Taxes and The Economy

Not much time tonight, but I promise a more in-depth look at this soon. Via the Adrian Insider, an article in the Battle Creek Enquirer in which Sharon Renier discusses the economy, taxation, and her own personal finances.

Just a nice little quote to get you interested...

While Renier said millionaires need to face more taxation, she said she doesn't support across the board tax increases. Rather, she would like to see some people get a break from paying Uncle Sam.

"Anybody that makes $20,000 dollars or less," Renier said, "I would like to see them have no taxes taken away from their check."

(Emphasis added)

Just a note: under the Renier plan, 18.3% of 7th District households would no longer have to pay taxes, as they earn under $20,000 per year. Who would have their taxes raised? Well, only 1.5% of households in the district earn more than $200,000 per year. (Based on 1999 statistics).

So who's really pro-taxpayer? Or is Tim Walberg (R) just for the wealthy?

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Joe Schwarz filed more FEC complaints against Club for Growth today alleging the group worked lock-in-step with Tim Walberg and other campaigns the anti-tax, pro-growth group backed this year.
Is Renier really running? Looking over her website, there is no "news" posted since May and just over a month from the election there are no "events." Why isn't the MDP and DNC kicking her in the butt? They have a huge opportunity to keep an idiot out of Congress! Walberg can be beat, but show some life in the campaign for cripes sake.
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