Saturday, September 30, 2006

VP Cheney is Coming to Town

The Jackson Citizen-Patriot reports that next week will feature a visit from Vice President Dick Cheney, fundraising on behalf of Tim Walberg.

Despite endorsing Tim Walberg's opponent in the GOP congressional primary, Vice President Dick Cheney will fly into Michigan next week to collect cash for the Tipton minister's campaign.

Thursday's fundraiser comes on the heels of a Monday event in East Grand Rapids for Mike Bouchard, a Republican who's trying to unseat U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow.

Walberg, who is squaring off against Sharon Renier, D-Munith, said the vice president's staff called him this month to offer Cheney's fundraising services. He and state Republicans confirmed the event, which a spokeswoman for Cheney would not do Thursday.

Now, at this point, there are a lot of things I could say about Vice President Cheney. Lots of jokes could be made at his expense. But I'm not going to do that, because it's just too easy.

As is always the case with this sort of thing, a lot of money will be raised by a lot of rich donors-- the same sort of folks that fund the Club for Growth. After all, who else would have the money?
The invitation-only shindig isn't cheap. It takes $1,000 to buy a photo with Cheney at an 11:30 a.m. reception. Lunching at noon will cost another $250.
(Emphasis added)

I don't know about you, but the last lunch that I bought cost a lot less than that. And I personally think that a $1,000 photo is a little overpriced, no matter who's in it. Compare this posh fundraiser to Democratic nominee Sharon Renier:
"I don't have any more pennies anywhere else," the congressional candidate said. "I took in pop cans and beer bottles yesterday to get gas. I'm poor. I'm very poor. But it doesn't mean I'm not smart."

Renier has experienced the country's economic woes firsthand and so, for the second time, the Munith resident is hoping to help Michigan's 7th Congressional District by representing it.
Of course, the Walberg-Cheney fundraiser isn't even being held in our Congressional District... which is perhaps troubling on its own:
The fundraiser also isn't in the 7th Congressional District. Walberg said security reasons forced organizers to move the locale from Jackson to Hawk Hollow Golf Course & Banquet Facilities in Bath, a Lansing suburb.
Sharon Renier offers her take on the fundraiser, noting that, as the weak candidate many consider her to be, the GOP seems to be working hard to defeat her.

"Why are they bringing in Cheney against some little chicken farmer?" asked Renier, referring to herself. "Are they worried?"

The Democrat called the swanky soiree a "wonderful thing" for her campaign, noting that President Bush and Cheney continue to flag in the polls.

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Refresh my memory. Wasn't Walberg the one who told his supporters to call the White House in late July to tell President Bush not to come to Michigan come to support Schwarz because he was a "liberal?" Which was odd, considering Schwarz had the support of every GOP leader around.

People in politics have very short memories, I would think the Bush White House would give Walberg the cold shoulder. I'm very disappointed Cheney has forgotten about that episode.

Walberg represents the beginning of the end for the GOP. Too bad the top leadership doesn't see it. They are wasting their time with this idiot.

Club for Growth is hellbent on destroying the GOP from within. Walberg is prima facia evidence of that. The GOP is nuts to support him in anyway, shape or form.
I got an email invite to the VP visit. It came from Walberg's campaign. It says the event is "Honoring" Walberg. Makes no mention it any other candidates are going to be there. It goes on to claim the fundraiser is to benefit the "Michigan Congressional Victory Committee '06" which is describes as "a joint fundraising committee established on behalf of Tim Walberg for Congress and the Michigan Republican Party."

But, when I read the article which is online today, it sounds like Cheney is coming to help several Michigan candidates. Now, Walberg is the only one who needs any help, unless you count to sacrifical lambs thrown up against the Dem incumbents. So, why did the story change?

Walberg claimed the event is being held in Bath due to "security" concerns, but the VP came right into the 7th district to meet with Joe Schwarz at a town hall a year ago. Has the security of the heartland of Michigan gone to hell in the past year? If not, Walberg is fibbing.

Also, if the event was to raise funds for more than one congressional candidate, it would make sense that it might not be in the 7th. If that is truly the case, Walberg was inventing a reason to cover up the LIE that his campaign put out that the VP was coming to Michigan to honor Walberg.

See how the lies can snowball? He is not to be trusted. He does not have a grasp on some important issues according to Joe Schwarz, but Mr. Walberg seems to have only a loose grasp on reality and the truth.
He's a pathological liar. He proved that throughout the primary campaign.

It's interesting to note that Club for Growth has pretty much dropped him like a hot potato after the primary and he is left with literally no money for his general election. He couldn't raise it locally and apparently still can't. I've heard the Michigan GOP is really upset with him and he is a real drain on the party. Nobody wants to fund him and he can't seem to raise funds on his own.

Lying about Cheney's visit is another prime example of his character, which he has little of.

I sincerely hope Schwarz gets an appointment which will impact the 7th District because we will have no "Real Representation" in the next two years.
I sincerely hope Joe Schwarz runs as a write-in. I cannot stand the two extremists we have on the ballot. It is disgusting how screwed up these two parties are that neither one can produce a candidate which a middle of the road, average citizen could support.

Walberg is so far off the cliff on the right, and vindictive, that I refuse to consider him. Ignorant and mean is a dangerous combination. Throw in a college degree in preaching and everyone is afraid to call him out on the mat for repeated lying. I wish my full time job could be running around acting like an armchair quaterback to a Congressman who is serving at one of the most trying times in my life (30 yrs...), raking in cash form a bunch of New York City fat-cats and colleting a $40,000 per year pension with full health benefits for a job I did part time for 16 years. He lies, if Schwarz allegations are true then he cheats, and he makes me sick to my stomach.

Renier is, in most every estimate, clueless. She means well, she is herself an average person, until you listen to her or read a quote. She was picking up pop cans the other day... Someone should let her know minimum wage got bumped up the other day. There is no good reason she can't hold a decent job. Times are tough, but it's not like the paralegal field is hemmoraging jobs. She, like Walberg, struggles to relate to the truth at times, but she is not nearly as vindictive.

So, where does that leave me? Does anyone have a suggestion?
I'm voting Libertarian.

Hutichinson is a WWII Veteran and that is the only redeeming value I can find in the candidates.

At least he has a grasp on what's going on the the world and hasn't lived the sheltered life these two morons have. I know he can't win, but I'm voting on principle this year and as far as I'm concerned if he served his county that's ten times what any of the other candidates have done for their country.
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