Thursday, October 26, 2006

AHH! - October 25-26, 2006


That's been my reaction for the last two days. I got home yesterday, checked my e-mail, and that's when it all started. Unfortunately, just after reading my e-mails and managing to make one comment on Michigan Liberal, my internet connection revolted. Grr...

Now, I'm trying to do a rush post, but more'll come later, I promise. (and this time, I really mean it!) Unfortunately, I need to be somewhere in about ten minutes, so this is the quick take.

To start off, I got at least a dozen e-mails regarding the article in the Jackson Citizen-Patriot (and similar articles) about Tim Walberg's paid staffer that's been convicted on domestic violence charges. It's worth noting that he was kept on well after he was charged, and only resigned after being convicted. Funny, how no one heard about this before.

I also got a few e-mails noting that the Michigan 7th District and Tim Walberg have been added to the list of seats that the National Republican Campaign Committee is allocating last-minute funds for. These are basically the 33 seats that the GOP hasn't given up hope on but are afraid that they might lose. That's right-- the Republicans are seriously worried that they might lose. Sharon Renier has the momentum!

Add on to that the negative, anti-Renier ads that have been spotted around the district, both funded by Tim Walberg's campaign and the NRCC, and you know that Renier is making inroads. Driving around Lenawee County, my home and Tim Walberg's home, I see a lot of Renier signs in Tecumseh and Adrian-- I can only imagine what Battle Creek and Jackson look like. As Renier's name recognition goes up, expect her to do better on Election Day.

It's also worth noting a few things from Sharon Renier herself. On her website, they've added their television ad and the FEC complaint against Walberg and the Club for Growth filed by Joe Schwarz. Check 'em out.

I'm probably forgetting some stuff, but feel free to mention what I missed in the comments. Meanwhile, you should head on over to Sharon Renier and give her some love, money, and volunteer hours.

Tonight, we'll have a double dose of Tim Walberg's voting record highlighted, to make up for yesterday.

(By the way- yesterday, we set a new record for unique visitors to the site, and today, we're on track to match it!)


You know something funny about those ads are that a coworker of mine noted is that he "Tim Walberg" would go negative if he thought for one instant that he could loose this seat. Truth is he hasnt had any ads saying what he is going to do either. Simple! He has nothing. I would also like to thank the new people who come to this wonderful website of truth and valor. Please come back often. I know Fitzy is a hard working Michiganian and I do hope that he leaves this website up and running win or lose. Fitzy, if you need help paying for this website please let me know!!! I have wrote 7 letters to newspapers mentioning this site. Today I got a letter from the Lansing State Journal saying they could not post my letter because I was out of the cirulation print. If anyone up there wants my letter please leave an email address and I will email it to you. If you want to put your name on it and send it in that is fine by me as well. Have a great rainy day and GO TIGERS!!!!!!

"I see a lot of Renier signs in Tecumseh and Adrian-- I can only imagine what Battle Creek and Jackson look like."

I can say with some certainty that there are many yards in Battle Creek and Calhoun County that are full of GOP signs, but NO Walberg signs. Likewise all the Dem years have Renier prominent. I've even seen a few clusters of GOP signs with Renier's in the mix...a very good sign!
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