Friday, October 27, 2006

Dick DeVos on Walberg's Scandal

Matt at Michigan Liberal beat me to this story and, as always, he writes about it so much better than I could. Head on over and read his take. But first, a couple items. Quoted in the Jackson Citizen-Patriot article, Dick DeVos says:
"The individuals working with you are a reflection of who you are," DeVos said en route to Jackson, where he appeared at a political event. "Therefore, as a leader, you have a responsibility to make sure individuals on staff reflect our values, our views."
I agree, Mr. DeVos. (Wow!) The fact that Tim Walberg kept Daniel Coons on his staff after learning he had been charged on September 12, and then keeping him on his staff even longer after Coons pleaded guilty (September 18) says quite a lot.

Mind you, this is probably the only area where I agree with Dick DeVos. After all, he just said, "We have the lowest unemployment rate in the nation... That is unacceptable." I know, I know, it was a simple mistake. But still...

Anyway, enough of that. Go read what Matt has to say.

When you're done with that, here's tonight's sample of Tim Walberg's voting record.
SB 904 (Senate Bill)
Passage of the Clean Michigan Initiative

Outcome: Passed 94-4

Tim Walberg: NO
Roll Call 840

HB 5622 (House Bill)
Passage of the Clean Michigan Initiative

Outcome: Passed 94-5

Tim Walberg: NO
Roll Call 841

HB 5642
Require standardized certification for school administrators

Outcome: Passed 97-9

Tim Walberg: NO
Roll Call 203
That's it for tonight. Go Tigers!

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vote for sharon on the battle creek enquirer. they ask whether or not she can win this election. so far she is in the lead.

Ok almost 24 hrs after posting my first the way where is everyone or am I talking to myself!!!??? Ok 320 people logged into the Battle Creek Enquirer website and voted that Sharon can win this election!!!! She at this moment has a 13% lead over the No votes. Log on at vote!!!! I think all the Joe Schwarz voters are indeend crossing over tonight I stopped by the Democratic Headquartes in BC and talked to I think Mr. Hice...not for sure. He has been out canvassing the eniter BC area and told me that a lot of republicans are voting for Sharon because of what Walberg did to Dr. Schwarz. Gotta love that!!!!!!!!

I'll second that. Renier has a lot of support in Battle Creek, especially in the GOP. If she is elected, Schwarz will work with her to ensure Battle Creek and Calhoun County will be represented. All Schwarz will offer Walberg is "all the rope he wants!" Some might say it's sour grapes, but Battle Creek deserves representation. Renier is the only one who will truly represent the Western half of the 7th, and everyone knows that.

Walberg has built no bridges in Battle Creek. He's hardly campaigned here, and everyone knows it.
Walberg has not campaigned anywhere. He was MIA until that poll came out and then he was scrambling to prove he is working hard. He is a blowhard and a fake. Hell, he thinks foster kids should be in homes where their foser parents beat them. He deserves a little "tough love" on November 7th. Vote for sanity, please. We can't afford to let Walberg embarass us in DC.
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