Sunday, October 15, 2006

More Money, 23 Days Left

Today's Daily Telegram (Adrian) had a front-page story on the latest FEC filings for Tim Walberg and Sharon Renier.

ADRIAN — Republican Tim Walberg spent about 45 times more than his Democratic opponent in the race to represent the 7th Congressional District during the period from July 20 to Sept. 30, according to documents filed Friday and Saturday with the Federal Election Commission.
He spent 45 times more than Renier? And yet, he's only leading by 8 percent. Hmm...

But Renier's campaign is anything but floundering:
“We have over 400 volunteers and we will be knocking on doors in these next four weeks and we will hit every single voter in the next four weeks,” she said in an interview Saturday.

Even though the poll showed her behind Walberg, Renier said she was “thrilled” by the results. She said her campaign would become much more visible in the next few weeks and would be putting up 3,000 signs across the district in the next few days. She said she is also planning television, radio and newspaper advertising.
(Emphasis added)

This has me really excited. Those of you who remember the 2004 campaign will recall that, despite her best efforts, Sharon Renier could never really break through and get her message out. This time, it will be different. (By the way-- you want to make that 500 volunteers? 600?)

Despite what Walberg may hope, the campaign is far from over.

Sharon Renier


I live in Ann Arbor, and will be volunteering in district 7, as Rep. Dingell does not need my help this year.

I think Sharon Renier can win in 7, but it will take a very smart finish.

It occurs to me that there is an opportunity to make a newsworthy radio spot that will nationalize the district's race.

What if our candidate were to say on the radio "I know that this is supposed to be a safe Republican district, but I am not running against a Republican. The Republican, Joe Schwartz, who currently represents this district in Congress was defeated in a primary election by Tim Walburg, who is apparently an agent of something called "The Club for Growth", who financed Mr. Walburg's campaign to the tune of x dollars.

The irony is that if you are a real and honorable Republican, the best thing you can do to win your party back from the criminals who have captured it in Washington is to vote for the real Democrat in this contest, Sharon Renier.

Then in 2008 we can have a real election about the issues that face our region and the country.

Please vote for our Democracy. Our constitution. Our country. For me, Sharon Renier.

It is late. I really do mean to help out starting probably next week.

Walberg is a RINO, she would do well to point that out. It's ironic that's how Walberg won, by tearing down Schwarz. I think she should do the same.
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