Tuesday, October 31, 2006

News Roundup: Walberg Endorsement, Renier and Granholm

One week from Election Day!

  • The Adrian Daily Telegram endorsed Tim Walberg, a Lenawee County native, for the 7th District race. You can read their endorsement here. Needless to say, I'm disappointed in my hometown paper, but not surprised.
  • Governor Granholm was in Battle Creek today, appealing to both Democrats and Schwarz Republicans. Who else was there? Sharon Renier, Democratic nominee for Congress:
Granholm brought forward Democrat Sharon Renier, who is running against Republican Tim Walberg in the 7th Congressional District.

The governor said Walberg and DeVos represented the "hard right," and supporters of U.S. Rep Joe Schwarz — a moderate Republican from Battle Creek ousted by Walberg in the primary election — "should feel welcome" voting for her and Renier.

  • CQPolitics.com has changed their rating of the 7th District from "Safe Republican" to "Favored Republican." CQ is famously cautious, and them changing the rating is a big deal. Go read what they have to say.
  • The first YouTube contribution to the race:


My god whoever put this together is a genious!!!! Suck on those apples TIMMY!!!!!!!!!!


I am still struggling with how this child abuse issue is relevant to how he will represent me. I mean, I had very little respect for him to start, but I can't seem to make this incident pass "the smell test."

Can anyone flesh out the argument Renier is using for me?
Anonymous: Walberg states he is full of family values, and that he is a huge Christian, yet he knowingly has a man who beats his foster kid in his employ AND uses his influence to get the kids back into the same situation. Getting his signs posted were more important than the well-being of a little kid, I guess that is his priority.

He read the police report and knew the details of the incident, and chose to continue employing a man who beat his child. Doesn't that seem a bit unethical and contradictory? He preaching family values, yet supports a man who intentionally harms a small child in his care. Coons wasn't fired; he resigned when the media got wind of his charges.

Walberg, if he was an effective leader, Walberg should have had him resign immediately or fire him as soon as he heard of the incident. This shows the type of leadership we can expect if he is elected and his poor decision making skills.
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