Monday, October 23, 2006

News Roundup

Sorry for going so long without any new posts... Life gets busy, from time to time, and last night, I had two choices. Either I could write something here, or I could watch the Tigers win Game Two of the World Series. Of course, like any true Michiganian, I picked the Tigers.

(By the way-- want to know why the Tigers lost Game One? It's all because of Dick Devos, Republican nominee for governor. Seriously, it's like a curse! Here and here.)

Nevertheless, plenty of things have been a-happening.

First off, the Detroit News announced their endorsements in all the congressional races around the state. Let's remember, the paper is the more conservative one in the Motor City, with Wikipedia noting that:
Editorially, the News is conservative. It has never endorsed a Democrat for president, and has only failed to endorse a Republican presidential candidate three times--twice during the Franklin D. Roosevelt era and once again during in 2004, when it refused to endorse George W. Bush for reelection.
Ordinarily, they endorse the GOP nominee for the 7th District. But this time, not so much.
In the open 7th District, the major party choices are the far-right Tim Walberg and the far-left Sharon Marie Renier. We'll shun the extremes and take our chances on the Libertarian candidate, Robert L. Hutchinson , a retired Air Force major from Dexter.
(Note: I don't think anyone could honestly call Renier "far-left," but the DN is a conservative paper...)

That's right, they endorsed Libertarian Robert Hutchinson. Let's remember, Hutchinson isn't running to win, but to make a point about foreign policy. When he found out, this was his reaction:
"Wow," said Hutchinson, a World War II veteran. "I hadn't heard, no. But the reaction is 'wow.'"


Hutchinson, meanwhile, said he didn't want his wife to find out about the endorsement. Even the remote chance that he might win the race and take her to Washington, D.C. — "that madhouse" — was cause for concern.
Now, if you're deciding between Walberg and Hutchinson, I'd urge you to vote for Hutchinson. He's a man of principle. But before you do, consider Sharon Renier.

Next up, we've got a Jackson Citizen-Patriot article by political reporter Susan Demas on Sharon Marie Renier. It's a nice piece, and worth reading. A few important excerpts:

It's the kind of endurance the Munith single mom showed during the Senior Olympics this summer in Kalamazoo, where she shattered the state record for the 200-yard breaststroke.

Now Renier is swimming upstream for the U.S. House 7th District seat. She hasn't seen one red-cent from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

But Renier presses on. Describing herself as a "pro-life, gun-toting Democrat with a libertarian streak," she said her message also holds appeal for Republican and independent voters.

At the same time, the Democrat said she supports "less taxes, not more" and would repeal levies on those making $20,000 or less. While Renier supports exterminating the estate tax, she said she's not in favor of the Bush tax cuts because they favor the rich over middle class families.

Walberg has slapped the "liberal" label on Renier during the campaign, just as he did to defeat U.S. Rep. Joe Schwarz, R-Battle Creek, in the August primary. The GOP nominee has taken aim at Renier's call to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq in favor of an international peacekeeping force. Renier said her view is in step with the American public. A CNN poll released Monday showed 64 percent oppose the war.

State Sen. Mark Schauer, D-Battle Creek, describes Renier as a "moderate to conservative Democrat." Schauer said the "dynamic" Renier's biggest asset is connecting with voters.

"She's a tireless campaigner," he said.

Renier sloughs off Walberg's criticism, saying she's used to facing down adversity and winning. She's a five-time gold medalist, after all.

It's clear that she's working hard to earn the votes of the 7th District, and not buying them with out-of-state funds.

Which brings us to another Citizen-Patriot article. The Club for Growth is back:
After raising more than $600,000 for GOP challenger Tim Walberg in the primary, the Washington-based political action committee sent a fundraising plea Thursday to its 36,000 members, Executive Director David Keating said.

That was the same day the Washington insider magazine Roll Call put the race between Walberg, R-Tipton, and Democrat Sharon Renier in its "in-play" column.
(Emphasis added)

Yes, the money is rolling in once more for Tim Walberg, from all across the country. Just not Michigan.

That's all for now. If you see any good articles, let me know!


Just heard a Walberg ad on the radio. It says Renier wants to add a 500 per child tax for each family. Does anyone know what this is about?

It also says she wants to re-define marriage to allow gay marriage and restrict the government from wire-tapping terrorists.
What a psycopath and fear monger. He said the same thing about Schwarz. He's just paranoid lunatic who shouldn't hold any office.

Truth and honesty are not part of the Walberg agenda.
I just heard it on 98.5 and was just floored by all the lies that thie nut case told!!! Can he ever tell the truth about anything?! EVER!!!!! Dont forget to vote for haron Renier 10/07. I will be at the Sharon Renier headquaters at 7pm that night if I can get in.

Nick Smith
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