Thursday, October 26, 2006

Renier Momentum - Plus Walberg Voting Record

I wish I had hard, quantitative evidence to back this up-- someone really needs to do another poll on the 7th District (and this time, include the minor party candidates)-- but the feeling I've got is that Sharon Renier has all the momentum. Earlier, I wrote about seeing lots of Renier signs here in Lenawee County.

An anonymous poster from the comments:
"I see a lot of Renier signs in Tecumseh and Adrian-- I can only imagine what Battle Creek and Jackson look like."

I can say with some certainty that there are many yards in Battle Creek and Calhoun County that are full of GOP signs, but NO Walberg signs. Likewise all the Dem years [sic] have Renier prominent. I've even seen a few clusters of GOP signs with Renier's in the mix...a very good sign!
(Emphasis added)

No Walberg signs in GOP yards, Democratic yards with Sharon Renier, and even Republican yards with Renier. Folks, I'm excited. (Though, I'll hope for all our sakes that the "a very good sign!" bit was not intended to be a pun. :-)

In the final week before the election, I'd like to try to do a major online push for Sharon Renier, on Michigan Liberal and any other Michigan blogs, plus national blogs like MyDD and DailyKos. If you're a blogger and are interested in doing some pro-Renier, anti-Walberg writing, let me know.

Finally, tonight's sampling of Tim Walberg's voting record while in the Michigan House of Representatives... I've got six votes for you, 'cause I missed yesterday.

HB 4739
State Police Retirement Act -- Would close a loophole which left some police officers without adequate pension coverage

Outcome: Passed 97-6

Tim Walberg: NO

Create a State Police Radio Network

Outcome: Passed 86-14

Tim Walberg: NO

HB 4860
Allow the National Guard to be used for drug enforcement activities

Outcome: Passed 72-31

Tim Walberg: NO

HB 4753
Funding to encourage child home care instead of institutionalization of severely disabled children

Outcome: Passed 63-44

Tim Walberg: NO

HB 4280
Passage of a mandatory seat belt use law

Outcome: Passed 63-44

Tim Walberg: NO

HB 4786
Create individual development accounts to help those who are eligible for FIA assistance to become first time home buyers

Outcome: Passed 98-6

Tim Walberg: NO

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I forgot to write about it in my earlier post but I saw a Sharon Renier sign right next to a Stacy Lott sign today. For all those that dont know Stacy Lott let me tell you about her with one word "REPUBLICAN"! I started laughing because someone had a lot of common sense on this one issue!

I got polled yesterday evening. The questions were about Governor and Congress. I don't think they even asked about Senatorial. The call came from US Field Research or that's what my phone picked up - 801-226-1911. I'm in Chelsea. There are Renier signs starting to pop up. We're on Main St / M52, and we've been looking to get a sign. We have great exposure. I've noted the tendency of local Republicans to only endorse Ouimet for Commissioner, and no one else for anything.
carol k i live in adrian & if you need Sharon Renier yard signs e-mail me at anyone else that also need yard signs feel free to email me as well
I got the sign today down at the Union Hall downtown in Chelsea. They were handing out signs for all the local dems. So now our yard fairly bristles with signs for all the dems.
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