Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Walberg Voting Record - 14 Days Left

Tonight's highlighted votes from Tim Walberg's 16 years in the state legislature:
HB 4041
Allow credit against taxes for anyone making a contribution to the Michigan Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Outcome: Passed 98-3

Tim Walberg: NO
Roll Call 53

SB 311
Designate an annual "Rosa Parks Day" in Michigan

Outcome: Passed 98-5

Tim Walberg: NO

SB 730
Strengthen laws which prohibit the sale of tobacco to minors

Outcome: Passed 83-23

Tim Walberg: NO
Roll Call 164
Is this the way you want your representative voting in Washington?

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Who does not know someone who gave the ultimate sacrifice for us in Vietnam? And Tim Walberg has the balls to vote against their honor? He is uterly without any redeeming qualities and deserves to be embarassed on November 7th.

He cannot seem to get acquainted with the truth. He claims a "lifetime A+" rating from the NRA. During the primary, the NRA sent word out that a "lifetime" rating does not exist... Walberg is in bed with liars and crooks and we can expect more of the same if he wins this race.
There is an A+ rating, so your comment is bull... can you be accurate on this board??? http://www.nrapvf.org/elections/State.aspx?State=WV
theres nothing about a lifetime NRA A+ rating, Walberg has a A no +. Sharon Renier also has A rating
While most anyone can be a lifetime -member- of the NRA, no politician has a lifetime -rating- from them. If a politician does something that the NRA doesn't like, they reserve the right to adjust their rating in the future.

Both the term "lifetime" and "A+" are disingenuous errors on Walberg's part.
The Democrats need to focus more on seats such as this. If Renier loses (God help us) this seat, they will be replacing a moderate with a uber right-winger. How is this good for the country? Bah.
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There are two lies in Walberg's claim of a "lifetime A+" rating.

There is no "lifetime" rating. He is lying. Period. Very simple. He makes things up all the time and this is another example.

The second lie is that he claims an "A+." but, the link you posted proves Walberg does not have an A+. John Dingell does, but Walberg and Renier both have A's. Walberg makes things up so he seems more important, but really he is just a liar.
Wow, just what you would expect from a "holier than thou" Right winger.

Yea, let's keep child abusers on our staff!

Staffer guilty of crime stays on\

Wednesday, October 25, 2006
By Susan J. Demas
sdemas@citpat.com -- 768-4927

A staff member for congressional candidate Tim Walberg awaits sentencing after pleading guilty to domestic violence last month.

Daniel A. Coons, 30, of Eaton Rapids, volunteer coordinator for Walberg, R-Tipton, remains on Walberg's staff, one of four paid full-timers.

Coons was initially charged with third-degree child abuse, a misdemeanor, on allegations he struck his 9-year-old male foster child in the face on Aug. 27. Coons pleaded guilty Sept. 18 to domestic violence, a lesser misdemeanor punishable by up to 93 days in jail or a $500 fine.

He is to be sentenced Nov. 13 in Eaton County District Court. The judge could decide then to grant Coons special status, where the crime could be removed from his record if he completes up to two years probation.

Walberg, a pastor and retired fundraiser with the Moody Bible Institute, is running for the 7th District U.S. House seat against Sharon Renier, D-Munith. The 55-year-old father of three has made family values the cornerstone of his campaign.

Coons and his wife's two foster children have been removed from their home. The Michigan Foster Care Review Board ruled the children should be returned to the couple, said Mike Kutas, an Eaton County court administrator. A recommendation is pending from Michigan Children's Institute, a division of the Department of Human Services, Kutas said.

A family court judge dismissed an Aug. 31 motion to return the children, court records show. The case goes to trial Nov. 21.

"The state's Foster Care Review Board investigated this matter and recommends that this family be reunited. I support that decision," Walberg said Tuesday in a written statement, his only comment on the matter.

In the meantime, Coons remains on Walberg's staff, Campaign Manager Joe Wicks said Tuesday. He earned $8,112 through Sept. 30, campaign finance records show. His wife, Sarah Coons, 27, was paid $3,043 in salary and reimbursements.

Wicks and Walberg both declined to comment on the domestic violence or child-abuse charges, or when they learned of the incidents or Coons' plea.

According to a police report, Coons told Eaton Rapids Police he "tackled" his foster son on the night of Aug. 27, striking him once. In doing so, Coons' watch band broke. Coons also said he had "pushed (the boy's) head into the floor in his attempts to control him," the report stated.

Tracy Freeman, Eaton County court-appointed special advocate, inspected the child's injuries that night. The boy had a bruise and the beginning of a black eye on the left side of his face, finger marks on the right side and bruising and abrasions on his chin and trouble opening his jaw, Freeman wrote in her police statement.

Coons also said "a wooden spoon had been used to paddle (the boy)," prior to Aug. 27. He said foster-care workers told him to stop, a police report states.

Sarah Coons said the boy started the fight by refusing to stay in his room, police reports show. She alleged the boy jumped on her back and her husband "took (him) to the ground."

Coons' attorney, David A. Kallman of Lansing, said police and court reports give an "incomplete" and "inaccurate" account of what happened.

"(Daniel Coons) was defending his wife against a child who was out of control," Kallman said. "There was an incident -- he slapped him -- but (Coons) never would have done that if he wasn't defending his wife."

The night of the incident, Daniel Coons called a DHS caseworker, who arranged for the children to be placed in another foster home, according to a police report.

On Aug. 28, the boy was brought by the new family to Pennock Hospital in Hastings. An emergency-room nurse called police.

The Coonses were accompanied in their police interview by attorney La Rae G. Munk of Midland, Sarah Coons' mother, who has done work for Walberg's campaign.
Check out the Citizen Patriot

Battle Creek Enquirer reported on its website today that the Walberg staffer under fire has indeed quit.

Walberg didn't fire him because the charge and plea wasn't impacting his affect his of “putting up yard signs and answering phones," Walberg is quoted as saying.

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