Thursday, November 02, 2006

Bob Novak on MI-07

Robert Novak, regardless of your opinions of his politics, is a fairly well-respected political analyst, with perhaps a Republican bias in his predictions.

So what does he have to say about the Michigan 7th District? The Evans-Novak Political Report (on Human Events, "The National Conservative Weekly") says:
Michigan-7: Former State Rep. Tim Walberg (R) may have taken a victory lap too soon after defeating Rep. Joe Schwarz (R) in the primary. He is now embroiled in a scandal involving a staffer who pleaded guilty to hitting his foster child. Republicans admit that Walberg, in standing by the staffer (who has now resigned), has not handled the issue well.

The Democratic candidate in this race, organic farmer Sharon Renier, has no money and the district is heavily Republican. If this seat goes to the Democrats, it is a sign of a tsunami. Leaning Republican Retention.
A tsunami? Perhaps. Or perhaps it's a sign that Tim Walberg is so out-of-step with the Michigan 7th-- a moderately conservative district-- that the district could elect a Democrat for the first time.

Sharon Renier is probably closer to Joe Schwarz's positions than fellow-Republican Tim Walberg, and it's certainly not because Schwarz is a "liberal." This district deserves to be represented by a moderate voice.

Sharon Renier


First Lady Laura Bush was in BC today to raise money for Walberg! I wonder if the first lady is for or against child abuse??? She probably dont know about Timmy's campaign staffer. Go figure. There probably just interested in keeping the seat at any means necceassary even if it means someone like walberg!!!

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