Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Day After the Election

I started to write a post-election analysis, but I just don't have the energy for it. Yesterday took out everything I've got and, despite Sharon Renier's phenomenal performance, I'm not sure if I can quite manage a post about Tim Walberg's victory. At least, not yet.

When Congressman Tim Walberg goes to Washington, I'll keep writing. This man is the face of today's Republican Party-- a party that forces out good men like Joe Schwarz and loses elections across the country. He's out of step with his district, his state, and his country, and I'll bet good money right now that he won't be going back to Congress in January of 2009.

Winning this district in 2008 (along with the White House and other races around the country) will start tomorrow. As I saw someone comment yesterday, "It ain't over 'til it's over, and then it starts all over again."

Tomorrow, I'll have two posts for you-- election analysis (sneak preview: Renier outperformed John Kerry and won places Democrats usually don't!) and a look back at my blogging (sneak preview: there's a lot I could do to improve). Then, it's back to work.

UPDATE: Right, so it's a couple days later and I still haven't written those posts. It's not that I forgot, it's that my life got busy. But they'll be up this weekend, I promise!


I believe that with some DCCC money, Sharon would have nbeaten the neanderthal Wlaberg!!! They underestimated this district.
For sure with some financial support Renier could have done much better, maybe even beat Little Timmy. I'm sure there are alot of mainstream Dems out there kicking themselves for not running in what could have been an easy race. I dread what will--or won't--happen to us here in Michigan for the next two years...we have no representation in Washington...
and before I was against the two year term, feeling it's too short for a person to really get to know the job and be effective--now it's a VERY appropriate length of time--let's get that idiot out of there ASAP!
It's sort of fitting. Walberg will be in the minority. He will be irrelevant and "powerless." I predict he will have no worthy committee assignments and only be viewed as an obstructionist. He will do little for the 7th, especially th Western half and will be defeated in the primary in two years for lack of impact.
you got to keep this site up for the next two years, this would be a good place to keep a eye on all of Awalbergs votes if he shows up to

Here's a pre taste of how Walberg will vote. This is actual voting records from Michigan.
Neanderthal? I suppose Ms. Renier's refusal to make the courteous election night "congratulations" phone call, and her calling Mr. Walberg a "scumbag, thief, liar, and cheat" is considered progressive and appropriate political behavior? I'm surprised that the dem's couldn't come up with a more articulate and mature candidate. Being a good role model and honorable politician, State Representative Dudley Spade should give some etiquette workshops for potential Michigan democratic candidates.
Hey Walberg supporter go back to your "we won, but were in the minorty party now." He is a neanderthal, plain and simple....he couldnt even show up for wrk 93% of the time. The only reason he won is because of Club for Growth and that is the god honest truth. I got a card from them on election day...VOTE WALBERG....TRUE CONSERVATIVE. Well I know conservatives and they work!!!! Well, they might not vote the way I want them to but they atleast show up to vote in the first place. Anywho, that is my opinion. I now have a list generated as to who I will be targeting my emails and letters with and I have every intention making this "neanderthal" a one time congressman!!!!!

One good thing about the election. Carl Levin will take over as Chairman of the Senate Armed Services committee. I'm very concerned about the fate of our District's military assets.

We saved the Battle Creek Base from BRAC thanks to Joe Schwarz and Walberg has shown zero interest in anything West of 127. With Levin chairing the Armed Services committee, we will have a voice if our military assets come under assault again.

Walberg just doesen't care about the Western half of the district. With Levin, we'll have some clout! It's just another thing that makes Walberg irrelevant.
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