Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Results

Wed. Morning Update:

I couldn't quite last all of Election Night, but I'm back! I've updated all of the vote totals and percentages. These are the final numbers, unless there are any unforseen recounts.

Final Update for tonight:

If I don't go now, I'll fall asleep on the keyboard. I'll be back tomorrow morning. Until then...

CNN has called its 15th House race for the Democrats, meaning that, if correct, the Democratic Party has retaken the House!

Now, will we have Congresswoman Renier, productive member of the majority, or Congressman Walberg, irrelevant member of the minority?

CNN reports, with 100% precincts reporting the following.

The Battle Creek Enquirer has different numbers (is it just Calhoun County? Or just Battle Creek? I'm not sure), which include the write-in total for Joe Schwarz.

Final Results:
Vote Totals:
Tim Walberg (R)------ 122,640
Sharon Renier (D)----- 112,623
Robert Hutchinson (L) 3,787
David Horn (UST) ---- 3,664

Tim Walberg (R)----- 51
Sharon Renier (D)---- 46
Robert Hutchinson (L) 2
David Horn (UST)---- 1

County Breakdown:

(Bold denotes county winner)

Tim Walberg (R)------ 7,744
Sharon Renier (D)----- 5,572
Robert Hutchinson (L) 247
David Horn (UST)----- 272

Tim Walberg (R)------ 18,930
Sharon Renier (D)----- 21,257
Robert Hutchinson (L) 767
David Horn (UST)----- 662

Tim Walberg (R)------ 21,133
Sharon Renier (D)----- 22,105
Robert Hutchinson (L) 538
David Horn (UST)----- 618

Tim Walberg (R)------ 9,798
Sharon Renier (D)----- 5,000
Robert Hutchinson (L) 215
David Horn (UST)----- 334

Tim Walberg (R)------ 28,138
Sharon Renier (D)----- 25,280
Robert Hutchinson (L) 794
David Horn (UST) ---- 850

Tim Walberg (R)------ 19,036
Sharon Renier (D)----- 14,344
Robert Hutchinson (L) 409
David Horn (UST)----- 439

Tim Walberg (R)------ 17,861
Sharon Renier (D)---- 19,065
Robert Hutchinson (L) 817
David Horn (UST)---- 489

There may be some delays as I try to keep up, and Blogger might go down. If so:


Here's some of the tally for Schwarz, could only find the following counties on MAGIC.

Calhoun: 1369
Eaton: 166
Hillsdale: 18
Lenawee: ?
Jackson: ?
Branch: ?
Washtenaw: ?

Not a good showing. Just wish he mounted a serious campaign from August 9th.

Renier won Eaton and Calhoun which say's something about Walberg's popularity there.
How disappointing that Walberg won. He is such a rube, so without the savvy to do anything in Washington. If the Dems couldn't take the 7th, Schwartz should have been the guy in Congress- he is a moderate. The "Christian" Right is self-destructing and people are recognizing their absurd, antiquated, judgmental, isolationist principles. These people call themselves
Christians but are the most damning group I have ever seen. No one is going to give any respect to Tim Walberg. Yayyyy, the Dems took the House! From a former Michigander now living in the happy Blue state of California.
I believe that if the DCCC had put in some real money, Sharon would've won this race.
I agree the DCCC should have atleast put up $250,000 that would've sealed the deal. I would've definetely went after the whole child abuse thing and expoited it. I will be contacting the DCCC in recent weeks asking them the reason as to why they ditched this district! Anyways there is always '08. I WILL BE WATCHING EVERYTHING THIS KOOK DOES!!!! Make no mistake..his next two years are going to be a living hell!!!!!! I will make it my mission in life!

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