Thursday, November 02, 2006

Renier Denounces Fake Robo Calls

Sharon Renier (D) released a press release today. Apparently, someone's been impersonating her in the "robo calls"-- recorded phone messages-- that we've been flooded with this election.

November began in the Michigan 7th Congressional race with automated "robo" calls from a toll-free 800 number from a woman posing as Democratic candidate Sharon Renier. The calls contained nasty, unkind remarks about Renier's Republican opponent Tim Walberg.

Renier said, "Throughout the campaign I promised voters that I will not resort to these automated 'robo' calls. It disgusts me that someone or some group has stooped so low as to impersonate my voice while reciting vile comments. I did not authorize these calls, and I do not know who authorized this campaign dirty trick. I apologize to anyone who has been upset after receiving one of these filthy calls. I also call on my opponent, Tim Walberg to denounce them, especially if we find that the calls are from either Republican organizations in Washington or groups like the Club for Growth that used negative tactics in the primary against Congressman Schwarz."

The Renier campaign has contacted the Federal Elections Commission and the phone company to trace the calls.
This is a big deal. Hopefully more information will come forward soon.


It wouldnt surprise me if it was someone from the Walberg camp that is doing this....coming up with a new solution attacking one self trying to gain support from the Joe Schwarz people probably. What a weirdo!!!!!!


dont forget to vote
I received a Walberg post card yesterday which he claimed he was a "principled politician" and denounced all the "valueless" people in Washington.

This guy is such a pathological liar, he even lies about himself.

This guy is truly pathetic. Lets do everything we can to ensure he is soundly defeated Tuesday!
I wanted to add my two cents on your comments about signs. I just drove through several parts of NW Calhoun County today including areas in Battle Creek and lots of the country around Bedford and I can confirm your position that many, many Republican yards DO NOT have signs for Walberg. In fact, I counted only about 5 yards that had DeVos signs along with Walberg but I saw about 15-20 signs where Democratic signs included Renier's signs. Also, I note that I saw many stand-alone signs for Mike Nofs with no other signs- including DeVos and Walberg.

Keep up the good work. If Renier pulls this off it will bring national attention to the district.
The number from which those calls were made was reported by the "Battle Creek Enquirer" to be 877-686-7358. That number tracked back to a company called "Western Wats" on May 24, according to the site

Western Wats is a private push polling/telemarketing/surveying company in Orem, Utah that works mostly for Republican candidates and draws a lot of business from the "Tarrance Group" a Republican consulting firm.

Search google for "western wats" and "republican" or "western wats" and "dirty tricks" and draw your own conclusions about who sponsored those calls.
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