Saturday, November 04, 2006

Renier TV Ad

Sharon Renier's television ad has been available on her website for a while now, but I know a few people out there have had trouble getting it to play on their computers.

Finally, someone with more knowledge than I have has posted the ad on YouTube, which can be seen below:

(Thanks to Pohlitics, where I first saw the YouTube posting.)

This has been broadcast in the district, but with the small budget the Renier campaign is running on, it probably hasn't been seen by many people. Help out by sharing this video with friends, neighbors, and voters who are curious about Sharon Renier and want to hear her side, not just the NRCC and Tim Walberg's side.


I saw the ad while watching Comedy Central, I believe. I live in Albion. The ad is very, shall we say, low-budget. The music is cheezy and the montage goes so fast. But at least it's something.
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