Sunday, April 15, 2007

Walberg 1Q Fundraising

I was about to leave my computer and head off to Chicago when I realized it was April 15. You know what that means? It means Tim Walberg's 2007 First Quarter fundraising numbers are available on the Federal Election Commission's web site!

Yeah, I get excited about this sort of thing. It's kind of sad, really.

If you recall, following Walberg's Iraq comments, this is what he had to say regarding fundraising:
Political analysts have said Walberg’s remarks could hurt his 2008 election fundraising, something the congressman shrugs off.

“Our goal is to make a real strong showing in the first quarter, so people like Joe Schwarz back off,” Walberg said after Rove’s remarks.
Now, I don't think Joe Schwarz is the only one they need to worry about. But more importantly, did Walberg scare anyone off? From the FEC:

Total Receipts:$148,273
Transfers From Authorized Committees:$0
Individual Contributions:$45,311
Non-Party (e.g. PACs) or Other Committees:$90,668
Contributions from Party Committees$0
Candidate Contribution:$0
Candidate Loans:$0
Other Loans:$0

Total Disbursements:$26,341
Transfers to Authorized Committees:$0
Individual Refunds:$0
Non-Party (e.g. PACs) or Other Refunds:$0
Candidate Loan Repayments:$0
Other Loan Repayments:$0

Beginning Cash:$37,961
Latest Cash On Hand:$159,893
Debts Owed By:$0

Among the non-party organizations that contributed, we see some familiar names, like the "Declaration Alliance Minuteman Civil Defense Corps PAC." We've also got some other interesting groups. COALPAC, for instance... so much for alternative energy. Oh, and how about Pfizer, the pharmaceutical company that's closing up shop in Ann Arbor, leaving many Michigan workers (including many in the 7th District) without jobs. Maybe Walberg's vote against allowing Medicare to negotiate lower prices had something to do with that one...

So, about $160,000 cash-on-hand. Significant, yes. Insurmountable? No. Enough to scare everyone away? Definitely not.

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He's so scared! Lets keep him on the run!
I know Fitzy is on a trip, so I figured I'd bring this to everyone's attention. It is an article today discussing Walberg's fundraising for the first part of the year. For those of you in other parts of the District, you will still be getting news coverage, but those of us who read the Enquirer are finally free from the daily embarassment---

Article published Apr 19, 2007
Demas: Walberg haunted by specter of Schwarz
Susan J. Demas
The Enquirer

Truth is, I was dying to read about U.S. Rep. Tim Walberg’s Black History Month legislation, even though the press release didn’t arrive until March.

But alas, I’ve now been stripped of the privilege of at least 23 Walberg e-mails clogging my inbox each day. That means, loyal Enquirer readers, that I may not be able to apprise you of the Tipton Republican’s valiant scraps to lower taxes, protect traditional marriage and restore the Great Lakes.

It seems a recent story hit a nerve. Not when I quoted Walberg insisting Iraq is just as safe as the body armor-free streets of Detroit. That was kosher.

This was the remark by Walberg’s aides didn’t want you to read:

“Our goal is to make a real strong (financial) showing in the first quarter, so people like Joe Schwarz back off.”

Well, he didn’t. And the specter of Schwarz, whom the conservative preacher edged out in the 2006 GOP primary, still seems to be breathing down his neck.

Schwarz, 69, has returned to his surgical practice and is playing coy, saying he’ll decide this summer whether to take another stab at Congress. The Battle Creek native has been busy with stuff like investigating Walter Reed as a member of the blue-ribbon Pentagon panel.

But he clearly remains the No. 1 threat to Walberg’s job security.

My punishment from Fort Walberg was swift and severe.

“I took you off the (media) list,” his spokesman informed me this month, “because the congressman has decided he will no longer talk to you.”

That hurt. Congress’ 423rd most powerful member and I have been through a lot together since last year’s venomous, cash-chucking race. Walberg even posted some of my stories on his campaign Web site, which was even better than seeing them hang on my mom’s fridge.

Once, a grandmotherly supporter mistook me for the 56-year-old’s trophy wife. Good times.
Walberg should know better.

"Never get into a fight with someone who buys their ink by the barrel!"

What a dumb political move, but that's our Wally!
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