Friday, May 18, 2007

CQ on Walberg, Berryman

After Doug's post below, I thought I'd reiterate this, just to be safe. Walberg Watch as a blog will remain uncommitted in the Democratic primary, but contributors are welcome to state their candidate preferences. Blogs are a potential forum for incredibly valuable discussion of ideas, and I hope Walberg Watch can contribute in that area. In fact, I'd even welcome candidates or campaign staffers to join in the fun and do some blogging here!

Speaking of contributing... Doug mentioned the ActBlue page he started to support Jim Berryman, but for those of you still uncommitted but eager to take on Tim Walberg, I'd encourage you to donate to the 7th District Democratic Nominee Fund. You can do that through the ActBlue button at the top and right.

I don't like doing these "meta"-type posts very often where I write about the blog rather than actual people and events. So here's some related news.

Congressional Quarterly's had a piece a couple days ago profiling Jim Berryman and his bid to defeat Congressman Tim Walberg. You should read the whole thing, but here's an important bit from the end.

Berryman and any other serious challenger would also have to raise a heap of money. Walberg spent roughly $1.2 million in 2006 (combined for the primary and general elections), which compared to the minimal $56,000 spent by Democrat Renier.

Walberg wasted no time in replenishing his coffers, reporting $148,000 in campaign receipts in the first three months of this year and $160,000 cash on hand as of March 31.

So, regardless of who you're going to contribute to, you really should contribute. $10 and $20 donations through ActBlue can help make the difference in this race.

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Is Walberg really a shoe-in to even win the Republican primary next time around? Is nobody going to challenge him? I have to think that a lot of Republicans were snoozing last primary, seeing as how Renier, in a traditionally Republican district and lacking both a stellar resume and funding, darn near beat Walberg in the general election. You have to figure that she got many votes that would normally go Republican.

This would lead me to think that there are a lot of moderate Republicans/Independents who would want anyone BUT Walberg to run in the general election and may show in much larger numbers next primary. And you also might get some cynical would-be Dems voting in the Republican primary just to oust Walberg! On the other hand, it might benefit Dems if Walberg runs again rather than a moderate Republican.

The Right wing controls the Republican Party in the 7th. Walberg has done nothing to change their minds. There may have been some Schwarz voters who voted for Renier. Remember that Schwarz was a well funded popular incumbent who received cross over support and could not win.
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