Thursday, July 05, 2007

Fourth of July Parade - Adrian, MI

Yesterday, I went to the Fourth of July parade in Adrian. It was nice-- plenty of people came out waving flags and enjoying the day. The Adrian City Band (a fine ensemble which performs in Trestle Park every Thursday at 7:30PM during the summer) performed for the crowd...... and the firefighters-- foes of Congressman Tim Walberg-- had a strong presence, and passed flags out to the crowd.
Local Democrats and progressive interests had a strong presence. Here's Democratic state Representative Dudley Spade and former Representative Doug Spade (his brother):
... and here's a bad photo of the Lenawee County Democratic Party's float:
... and some folks raising awareness about global warming and urging a cut in carbon emissions:
... And David Nacht was there, too, but the camera batteries died just as he was coming by. *sigh* He had quite a crew of supporters and a pretty large banner, and was trying to talk to the crowd as he went by. Still, I was impressed that he came.

Then the Republicans came. Or, rather, they didn't.

There was, of course, the big banner announcing their arrival:
But aside from county commissioners, neither state Senator Cameron Brown nor Congressman Tim Walberg came.

Though he did send a Corvette with a sign:
The man driving isn't the congressman, but he's presumably a loyal supporter.

And, any photos of Adrian wouldn't be complete without the historic county courthouse:

Thus completes my first experiment in photo-blogging. How did all of you spend the Fourth?

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Nice job, Fitzy...I knew Tim wasn't coming to Saline, either... BTW, I called and left a message asking for a statement on the Libby response yet.
Where was the Club for Growth float? That's Walberg's employer and sponsor, they should have had some representation in the parade?
Why are firefighters "foes" of Walberg?
Read the post,

Voted against H.R. 980 that would guarantee collective bargaining rights for every fire fighter in the nation.
I also called asking about Libby and also have had no response. I hope everyone else has called too!
How about David Nacht's presence? Pretty impressive I thought.
I thought Michigan firefighters already had collective bargaining rights? Is that really a role of the federal government?
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