Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Mark Valente and Walberg for Congress

I've been eagerly awaiting FEC filings from Congressman Tim Walberg and his Democratic challengers, but they don't have to be in for a couple weeks, and won't be available on the FEC's website right away. So I've been browsing Walberg's first quarter filing, just for fun.

By the way, this is
Walberg Watch's 200th post.

Mark Valente is name that pops up every once in a while in the news. He's a corporate lobbyist, and even made it to the first paragraph of a Washington Post story last year. He's also got close connections to various Republicans; the Center for Public Integrity names him as one of "the big three" lobbyists and says:
Prominent Republican fund-raiser and lobbyist Mark Valente has served at the helm of 15 PACs since 1998, including the leadership PACs of at least nine congressional Republicans, including Reps. Mike Ferguson of New Jersey, Mike Rogers of Michigan, and Joe Wilson of South Carolina. Valente lobbies for such clients as the coal mining company North American Coal Corp and glass manufacturer Pilkington North America Inc at his firms MV3 & Associates and Valente & Associates.
He's also closely tied to Michigan Congressman Joe Knollenberg, as profiled in the Vote No on JOE blog. Valente held a fundraising luncheon for former Congresswoman Katherine Harris (of Florida 2000 fame), which Michigan Congressman Mike Rogers attended. Oh, and he held a fundraiser for the Tom DeLay Legal Defense Fund.

So this guy has connections to all sorts of friendly folks in the Republican party. Why mention him here?

Back in March, the Walberg for Congress committee paid Mark Valente $360. It's in their FEC filing for the first quarter, under "Schedule B," the disbursements. But what's puzzling is, unlike every other expenditure, there's nothing written under "Purpose of Disbursement".

See for yourself:Tim! What're you doing with this guy? Why'd you need to pay him $360.00?

Any theories?

Actually, there are lots of interesting items in his FEC filing. For instance, why did Tim Walberg get reimbursed $387.24 by his campaign for a $273.60 expense? Ah, so many questions!

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