Monday, July 09, 2007

Nacht (D) Raises $160,000+

The Battle Creek Enquirer has the story on David Nacht's second quarter fundraising.

The campaign of David Nacht, D-Scio Township, announced today he raised more than $160,000 in the second quarter of 2007, from April to June.

Nacht, an Ann Arbor attorney, is challenging freshman U.S. Rep. Tim Walberg, R-Tipton. Walberg's second-quarter fundraising was not immediately known. He raised about $135,000 in the first quarter.

The Nacht for Congress Committee was formed March 26. The campaign says it has about $130,000 left in the bank.

“No one can remember a Democratic candidate for Congress in this District ever raising this much at this time in the campaign cycle,” Nacht campaign spokesman Chris De Witt said in a news release today. “David’s fundraising abilities, campaign organization and hard work in the District move him to the top of the list to challenge, and beat, Walberg.”
I'll be interested to see the details in his FEC filing. Walberg, Berryman, and Renier (as well as everyone else in the country) need to file by Sunday, July 15, so we should be learning more soon.

This is great fundraising for Nacht, and more than a little refreshing-- $160,000 is more than all the Democratic candidates from 2002 to 2006 combined.

Also, after seeing that my camera batteries died just as Nacht went by at the Adrian Fourth of July parade, Nacht's campaign manager was kind enough to send me a few photos of the event.

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I am an out-of-state donor to David's campaign. I donated because I'v known David and his family for years, and I think he would make a great addition to the U.S. Congress. He's a very smart guy; not just a smart lawyer. I like his values, his priorities, and his common sense. I've had some interesting discussions with him about the history of science and about energy policy. I hope he wins!
Sounds like the good 'ole boy club is trying to push out Ms. Renier... Come on a trial lawyer from Ann Arbor? I'll tell this much, I'll be voting for the organic farmer, down to Earth, farmer from Munith. She came so close last year and all we need to do it get behind her!
That comment sounds like a Walberg troll trying to push the weakest candidate.
Last time, Renier took pride in not spending any money, versus Walberg's $millions. That kind of idealism is misplaced when the goal is to win a congressional seat.
"Good ole boy club"? I certainly hope you're not saying Walberg Watch is a part of that club.

I've met Sharon Renier, and I liked her. She's passionate about what she believes and, though it hurts her sometimes, she's honest and unfiltered. That's a definite plus.

However, the dynamics of the race in 2008 will be different than 2006. Walberg will be the incumbent, there won't have been a divisive Republican primary, and it might not be a Democratic wave election. She came close to winning in 2006, but it might not work that way again.

I've been posting a lot about David Nacht and Jim Berryman because they're doing all the right things as candidates. They're raising money, they're talking to reporters, they're building connections with local Democrats. When Sharon Renier starts running a real campaign for 2008, I'll give her just as much time.

I like Renier. But-- like Nacht and Berryman-- she has to convince me to vote for her. So far, she hasn't done it.
The only reason Sharon took so many votes in 06 was that she was not Tim Walberg. Most of her votes were "anti" votes. Doubt she will have as much success against two strong opponents with real issues and platforms...and money.
Sharon Renier should stop growing weed, wash her feet, learn to raise some money and then, maybe then, someone will take her as a credible candidate.
Sharon Renier should stop growing weed, wash her feet, learn to raise some money and then, maybe then, someone will take her as a credible candidate.

I'm not going to delete that comment, because that's not what I do. But man, I'd like to delete it.

Personal attacks like this turn honest political discussions into meaningless and endless "pie fights."

But at the end of the day, it gets us nowhere. It makes everyone look ridiculous and meanwhile, Tim Walberg is still in office.

Do I think Renier is the strongest possible candidate? No. But let's try to keep the debate on a slightly higher level.
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