Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Tim Walberg: One Year

On August 8th, 2006, former state Representative Timothy Walberg defeated Congressman John "Joe" Schwarz in the Republican primary. It's been one year since Walberg defeated a well-respected, reasonable, independent-minded public servant.

Feel free to discuss your favorite Walberg moments from the last year.

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there's not to many votes if any that Schwarz would of voted differnt on than Walberg. I will be signing the recall.
What a weird comment.

Two totally disengaged thoughts, thrown out there for some reason...

Walberg and Schwarz are so far apart on many issues, and Schwarz would have been engaging the debates, working for progress. Walberg is a dud. He deserves whatever his constituents decide is his fate, recall or not.

If I see a petition, I will sign it too. I'm just not too optimistic that it will ever get off the ground.
Favorite moment:

...when Tim Walberg used the Official Congressional Seal on his campaign committee's invitations to his first party in Washington DC. Our Congressman had not even been sworn in and he was already facing an ethics complaint.
Another favorite moment:

Tim Walberg, after spending an entire primary campaign promising to never support the process of earmark spending, submitted a list of earmarks.

Even my Rush Limbaugh loving friends are now firmly in agreement that he is not to be trusted.
I am so sad this blog has turned into a debate on who will challenge Walberg and has drifted off the subject of why and how Walberg should be defeated.

Favorite moment #3:

Tim Walberg, after campaigning on a "family values" platform, defends his employee for beating up a child, saying that was a private matter and pretending it did not reflect on Walberg's character.

Sir, those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. When you associate with child beaters, the moral highground is terra INfirma.
I would say that anyone that claims Schwarz would have made the same votes as Walberg has demonstrates political ignorance. I won't waste time detailing just how insane this statement is. To compare Walberg to Schwarz is impossible at every level.

I would say it would be a cold day in hell before Joe Schwarz would have allowed his staff to take credit for district earmarks after he voted the bill down on the House floor. Tim Walberg is a back bench hack whose very presence in the halls of Congress brings shame to the 7th district and all those that have served before him. His defeat in 2008 will be a pleasure to watch and the saving grace for the citizens of the 7th district.
Maverick09 yes Joe Schwarz has more character than Walberg i'll give him that, even still i did'nt like the way he voted most of the time.
My favorite moment was when he revealed his true colors and lied to the people of Battle Creek saying he supported the Kellogg Airport, then turned around an voted against it "on principle?"

He then had the audacity to issue a press release saying he got the funding for the airport, but failed to mention he voted against it.

Sort of reminds me of "I did not have sexual relations with that woman!" statement.

Yeah, Right!
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