Thursday, September 27, 2007

Schauer Cooks for You

Yeah, it's a fundraising gimmick, but it made me laugh. Senator Schauer send this fundraising e-mail out today:
Dear Friend,

If you're like me, you're currently being bombarded with e-mails promising a chance to win dinner with this candidate, or the chance to watch a debate with a candidate's family, or asking you to give a gift for a candidate's birthday (by the way my birthday is next week).

Like all candidates, I'm pushing hard for the end of this quarter's filing, so I tried to think of my own gimmick to get you to help out my campaign. I decided that no one would donate just to have dinner with me, and since my wife isn't a former president, you probably don't want to watch a debate with her, and the birthday thing has been done. So, I decided that I would give away a chance to have me come to your house and make you dinner.

That's right, anyone who donates online between now and midnight on September 30th will be automatically entered to win a taste of my world famous, as seen on TV, Pasty Pie. (Ok, so the recipe is really my Yooper mother in-law's, but I did make it on TV, and it probably isn't "world
famous", but those lucky enough to get JTV might have seen it.)

We're cooking up a campaign for a change, but we need you to be a part of it. Help us send a message to the Republican machine and all the experts who are watching this race. Besides, the Pasty Pie challenge we're doing this quarter is probably better than the liver-and-onions dish we might offer next quarter! So Please go to the link below and give $100, $50,
or even $5 (come on, the ingredients will cost more that that!)

The policies of Tim Walberg and George Bush have been a recipe for disaster and now we have a chance to make a change. With your help, we can return an independent voice to the 7 th district and start getting real results for our people. If we want jobs, educational opportunities, health care and more for south central Michigan, we must commit to making it happen. Donate here today to make that commitment AND get a chance to have me cook a UP delicacy for you:

We're on our way to replacing Tim Walberg and restoring results-oriented
leadership for this district. The main missing ingredient is YOU.


Mark Schauer


I know this is a little out of the ordinary, but this is an extraordinary campaign. By contributing $100, $50, or $25 today, you can be a part of turning the tide for our state and our country. You'll also have a chance to have me cook for you personally, so contribute today: I'll even do the dishes!
As someone with my own UP connections, it's good to see the fine cuisine of the Upper Peninsula get a little attenton, too.

We expect to see this sort of thing from presidential campaigns, but I'm actually really suprised to see a congressional candidate do something like this. We'll see how well it pays off at the end of the quarter.

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I love it! My parents were Yoopers and my mother is Finnish, so I've grown up eating and loving pasties.

I went online and made a small donation. I don't live in Schauer's district, so if I win I'll let someone here at this blog enjoy the pasties!
Haha, this is a fantastic fundraising ask.
Not bursting the bubble here, it's a great idea. But today on NPR there was a story about this type of thing "creative fundraising gimmicks." It appears this is part of a much broader effort orchestrated by the party in general, lots of candidates are doing something very similiar.

Maybe that's an indicator of how connected Schauer is to the party and I'm not so sure that's a good thing. I guess it depends on your perspective. Will he be influenced by the party? Or will be his own man?

We know CFG and the GOP pulls Walberg's strings, but some food for thought on Schauer. Will he be a party man or will he represent us?
That is literally the most ridiculous question/argument/attack that I have ever read. I am now dumber for having read it.
That's an awesome fund email! and the anon comment, you're an ass.
Actually, I love pasties. I even had one a couple of nights ago. But if I had my druthers, I'd rather that Mark cook up a batch of hickory-smoked, barbequed pork ribs.
Could someone please help me out and point me to where the quarterly fundraising results are to be found on the web? I want to see how much Mark Schauer raised before the Sept. 30th deadline.


Jxn Cty Voter
Jackson City voter:

No one in the know has answered your question (and since I don't know!!), I'll contact our party chairperson who might have the answer and if so, I'll get back to you.
Jackson City Voter,

As you probably already saw, fitzy posted the info you wanted on tonight's blog. Simultaneously, I received this from Doug Spade:

Here's an answer for you, courtesy of MIRS:

Schauer Congressional Campaign At $220,000
Senate Minority Leader Mark SCHAUER (D-Battle Creek) has raised more than $220,000 for his run against Republican U.S. Rep. Tim WALBERG in Michigan's 7th Congressional District.

"The willingness of so many people to offer their hard-earned money to support this cause is evidence that they are ready for a change," Schauer said. "They are ready for someone who will work to create jobs, provide health insurance for children, and back a new direction in Iraq. This campaign is about getting results for south central Michigan, and so far the response has been overwhelmingly positive."

Schauer's been actively involved in his campaign for five weeks. His campaign currently has $195,000 in cash on hand. More than $160,000 came from individual donors.

The campaign gathered more than 400 contributions before the Sept. 30 deadline, and 94 percent of individual contributions came from supporters in Michigan.

"The Bush-Cheney political operation and deep-pocketed special interest groups will stop at nothing to protect the rubber-stamp they have in Walberg, so the diversity and intensity of this initial support is critical to offsetting their efforts," said Maura DOUGHERTY, spokeswoman for the campaign. "The people of the 7th District are energized to take back this seat from extremists and are proving it with their financial commitment."
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