Saturday, October 06, 2007

Walberg Disappoints... Conservatives?

From a different perspective tonight...

Here's a YouTube clip put out by the producers of a very far right-wing radio program on WOCR (Olivet College radio). There are a few factual errors in it that I caught, but it's interesting. (For more clips from the same radio program, see their YouTube channel.)

So, in other words, Tim Walberg isn't conservative enough for at least some conservatives.


Any chance there might be a primary challenge from the right? I really doubt it-- I think Tim Walberg is too far to the right for this moderate district, so there's no way someone to the right of him would have enough support to compete. But I've got to say, it might be fun to watch.

Poor Tim Walberg... he can't seem to make anyone happy.

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Let me get this straight. This kid supported Walberg becasuse he WOULD NOT bring money back to the district?

It's our money to begin with, the we can spend it much more intelligently than the government can. I really want to see I-94 grow to three lanes as Schwarz was trying to do. If that's an "earmark", so be it. He'e there to represent us, not some ideological paradigm that isn't realistic.

If this kid is the voice of the next generation of "conservatives", one's who think we should give our money to the Federal Government with nothing in return, we are in serious jeopardy as a nation.
Conservatives would rather pay for new roads in Shia dominated Iraq. Along with the new schools, hospitals and of course, cemetaries for all the victims of Blackwater.
This is not a moderate district. It is a conservative district. Walberg is a radical conservative. Nick Smith was very conservative.

Regardless of how much everyone wants to believe differently, simply saying it over and over does not make the 7th a "moderate" district.

I check this blog at least 6 days a week and probably post a commment 3 or 4 times a week. I have been part of the community since the blog started and have been pretty active, but this will probably be my last post here.

Ever since Schauer muscled out the competition, this site has taken a nose dive.
A little off topic, but today, Friday, 10/12, I saw the noon news on Channel 3. They had a ribbon cutting for STARBASE (a program to teach kids about science and aerospace) and the new firestation at the Air National Guard Base in Battle Creek. Walberg was prominently featured in the newsreel. This is the same base he decided not to fund and voted against in the Transporation bill, yet he claimed "supported" the funding, but voted against it.

Does this guy have no scruples? Why did the brass even bother to invite him?

The sooner we get this loser back into his pulpit, the better. He doesn't belong in public service! What a phoney!
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