Monday, November 05, 2007

"The Walberg Brigade"?

Every so often, I feel compelled to mention the blogging of Joe Sylvester at the "Michigan Conservative Dossier." I really don't know why...

But the latest may lead to some extra pro-Walberg comments at websites like this one. Apparently, Joe is upset that a lot of folks that post on the internet criticize Congressman Tim Walberg, and wants to do something about it.
Every single day I get Google alerts with blogs and media outlets savaging Congressman Tim Walberg (R-Tipton) and I have decided enough is enough. The conservative voice needs to be heard!

If anyone is interested, I will send them a list of links once a week where Walberg is being savaged by leftists and you can go and post a pro Walberg comment on that website. Just submit your email on the "Contact Us" link on the right and I will start sending you updates.

Congressman Walberg is vulnerable, and he needs to know that we support him and that the internet is not just a place for leftists to savage (and in Joe Knollenberg's case, stalk) conservatives.
Joe wants to call his volunteers "the Walberg Brigade." To pro-Walberg volunteers coming here, I say, welcome! Before you comment, please try to be civil. I don't engage in vulgar personal attacks here against Congressman Walberg or other Republicans, and I hope you'll be kind enough to show Democrats the same respect.

That said, I don't moderate or delete comments except under extreme circumstances (unlike certain conservative blogs, where comments have to be pre-approved), so feel free to say whatever you'd like.

Walberg Brigade, welcome to Walberg Watch!

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I thought I noticed something was up in the comments left for Voice of the People entries at the CitPat. This may explain it.
Paranoia is setting in. Everyone knows he's out of sync with the district and is inner circle is shrinking.

Liberals...Moderates...Independents...Oh My!
I have linked you to my disorganized, lefty, mommy, everyday life blog. I want Tim Walberg out as I feel he is a huge hypocrite. Thanks for the good work.

It might be nice if you would share your blog address with the rest of us. Maybe we can help deflect some of the "Walberg Brigade" hatred when it shows up.
Hum, I posted a comment on the Conservative Dossier entry on the Walberg Brigade and it hasn't been posted?

Just proves these guys are mind-numbed robots who don't want to hear the truth about Walberg. I don't know if the cartoon at the top of the blog shows the author tearing down or building a Soviet hammer and sickle, because censorship and diversion were a big part of Soviet thought and doctrine machine.
I tried to post on Tim's blog about his "Repork card" by the Club for Growth, and what he had no problem with earmarking. My post didn't make it either.
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