Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Schauer's 4Q Fundraising

I'll post the FEC summary as always when it's available, probably in the next couple of days. Still no news about Congressman Walberg's fundraising for the fourth quarter of 2007.

I got this in an e-mail a few hours ago:

Consistently strong fundraising, broad support show powerful momentum in Congressional bid

BATTLE CREEK-State Senator Mark Schauer (D-Battle Creek) announced today that in its first full quarter of fundraising his campaign has raised more than $350,000. Combined with the last quarter when he outraised his incumbent opponent, he has raised more than $575,000 and has more than $500,000 cash on hand. The record-breaking amount is already more than any Democratic candidate has raised for their entire campaign in previous cycles for this district.

"The people of Michigan's 7th District deserve a voice in Washington to fight for their jobs, their families, their future," said Schauer. "Their overwhelming support this early in the campaign demonstrates that they are tired of the same old business-as-usual approach. We're going to use these resources to carry our message of change and opportunity across south central Michigan."

In this quarter alone the campaign collected more than 680 total contributions, with 93 percent of individual contributions from donors in Michigan.

"The extreme Club for Growth special interest group that bought and paid for Walberg to take this seat last year just announced their intention to bankroll him again, so our work is cut out for us, " said Maura Dougherty, spokesperson for the campaign. "The strength of our momentum so far is important to balance out the forces who prefer the outsourcing, insider status quo."

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I know that lots of people have lots of opinions on a Schauer-Walberg race, but I think we can all agree that this kind of fundraising is extraordinary. $500,000 cash-on-hand is better than some presidential candidates have managed at times.

This means one of two things (or both): Democrats in the district are really excited about Mark Schauer and/or Democrats in the district are really excited about defeating Tim Walberg.

This really is impressive, and I look forward to seeing more data and Congressman Walberg's numbers.

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Absolutely incredible... lets see what Timmy has...
Wow! Very impressive haul.

The campaign has a post up over on BFM, in case anyone missed it.

Keep it up, Mark!
Too bad it is Schauer. He is the same kind of inside the beltway politician as Walberg, just with different friends and different radical beliefs.

We need another candidate and this proves both extreme fringe camps are willing to put up big money to see that an independant cannot win this seat.
Walberg has less cash on hand than Schauer! $438,000 to more than $500,000!
I'm no fan of Walberg and his right wing politics but I'm even less of a Schauer fan. From press reports it looks like Walberg has been busy working for his constituents in DC and here in the district. I've seen where he's been holding coffee hours all around lately. He even traveled to Iraq and Afghanistan a few weeks ago. People notice that stuff. Schauer should be hard at work in Lansing solving our state's problems. Instead he has been galavanting around collecting buckets of cash from his radical left wing supporters. Oh wait, he did make it back to Lansing to vote against the partial birth abortion ban.
The closer Schauer gets to the blow out in November, the more rabid the dogs of hatred and intolerance are going to get. It means Walberg and his ilk are getting scared...


Yeah, the power is on for an hour a day in Iraq, the illegal war has lasted LONGER than World War Two and Timmy is running around the Mideast pretending like he has a clue about international affairs while Michigan and now the country is falling apart and the dollar is tanking.

Just what the voters of the 7th Distict want.
Looking at half of these "anonymous" posts, you can tell how scared the wingnuts are getting.

Beware of trolls.
response to alan and edward:

I am a republican. I have been watching this site since Walberg beat Joe Schwarz. I will never vote for Tim Walberg unless I get the opportunity to vote him off the island.

Know that. Understand that. Know that I am not one voice, but that I speak for many in our party who hate the fact that Tim Walberg can succeed in our party. Again, I repeat, know and understand my dislike of Tim Walberg and his style of politics.

Now, get it through you skull that I have the same gut-wrenching feeling when I see Mark Schauer come along. Place your partisan hat on the coffee table for a minute and try to understand that I will never for for Mark Schauer either. (Here is one hint: Mark Schauer = Tim Walberg. Same game. Same MO. Same type of politican. Both are equally unsatisfactory.)

Trust me, it is not the wingnuts that are scared. When Schauer is exposed in a national election, he will be narrowly beaten.

We need a real, centrist candidate who can beat Walberg and actually represent this district.

This site is about keeping an eye out for Walberg's missteps. Forgive me if I don't accept the fact that Schauer is the only alternative.
I understand your concern with Schauer completely. I spoke with Joe Schwarz before he ran in the Republican primary in 2004 (left a message at his office and he called me back) and talked for over an hour about how the lunatics have hijacked the Republican party (my words, not and ended up sending him a small donation, my first ever for a Republican. I didn't agree with lots of his issues, but he is and was a good, solid American and understood politics shouldn't be like some modern day version of the Brown Shirts from the 1930s. I was overjoyed when he won the primary and went on to win the election the first time. Then we all know the story about the Club for Growth buying the last primary for Tim and the low voter turn out propeling him to Washington after the 'machine Democrats", Schauer let it slip away when some targeted party cash would have made a difference.

I'm not a huge Schauer booster--he's a little too close to the Clinton DLC group for my tastes, but Walberg is such a dangerous cartoon of a politican, that while he's worthless is what he has done and will do in Congress because he's a wingnut, he's still dangerous.

I understand totally but if you look at Walberg, Schauer looks like John Kennedy or Winston Churchill in comparison.

Take another look CLOSELY at Walberg. He's a bad politician and a dangerous Republican....

"Take another look CLOSELY at Walberg. He's a bad politician and a dangerous Republican...."

I'd say Walberg is a great "politican" and a dangerous person.

I'd say the same damn thing about Schauer.

Their proclivity for politics is what makes them so dangerous.
Politics used to be about compromise and finding the best outcome for everyone. Sure, there has always been a bad apple or two, but is seems like we have been sliding down into a dark place, local recalls, state inaction and federal nastiness.

Normally, I think if the government gets nothing done, it has been a pretty good day, but for the last few years here in Michigan we are suffering from global economic forces and we seem to be content doing nothing about it. Our inability to get our own act together gives the federal government a pass at helping. Our venom for elected officials has them walking on egg shells, afraid to do anything.

We need a fresh tone in politics and we need people who understand compromise. Sadly, I do not think this race between two career politicians will benefit us (and, by "career" I mean two men who have spent a majority of their lives living off elected office and fighting partisan battles. Both of them are benefiting from excellent health care and government pensions, neither with much to show in the way of accomplishments outside of their own political sub-cultures.))

We need another alternative. We need someone who has real life experience as well as some political expertise (maybe not in the political world, but at least working with people for the better.)

Call me a troll. Call me a "rabid dog of hatred." I disagree with them, but I think I understand where those assults are coming from. I worry that the people hurling those words have no understanding of where I am coming from.

This is not about winning, or just beating Walberg. It should be about replacing him with an effective, intelligent person who can represent all of us at the federal level.
We need to invest in our farm team. We need to get the qualified, real-life experienced people into local office and help them work up the ladder.
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