Thursday, January 31, 2008

Walberg's 4Q Fundraising

The FEC reports are starting to show up, but I haven't got a lot of time right now. So, here's a couple of paragraphs from an AP article:

State Sen. Mark Schauer, D-Battle Creek, has overtaken Walberg in fundraising in the south-central Michigan district. Schauer reported collecting more than $350,000 during the last three months of 2007 and ended the quarter with more than $500,000 in his account.

Walberg, a freshman congressman from Tipton, reported raising about $151,000 during the same span and ended the period with about $438,000 in his account. It was the second straight quarter in which Schauer outraised the incumbent.

Asked about Schauer's fundraising totals, Walberg's chief of staff, Joe Wicks, said the congressman was focused on a legislative agenda "to protect the Great Lakes, improve health care and create jobs and opportunity for south-central Michigan."

Walberg was endorsed last week by the Club for Growth, an anti-tax group which injected more than $1 million into the 2006 primary pitting Walberg against then-Rep. Joe Schwarz, R-Battle Creek.

So, Schauer beat Walberg in fundraising by a margin of about $200,000. That's incredible.

I have a lot more to say about this and other topics. Hopefully I'll get a chance this weekend.

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HA! What a joke!
You just know that Club for Growth will put in whatever it takes for Walberg to get the necessary funding as the election gets closer.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Walberg in favor of drilling for oil in the Great Lakes? How will that protect them?
I thought the Club for Growth called a truce on primary elections in the republican party?

Didn't they come out with a statement that they would be working to build a republican majority (along with that group that backed Schwarz) as opposed to fighting and tying up dollars in intra-party fights?

Apparantly things have changed with the republican money train. Apparantly wall street is going to fight for their representatives in Congress.
Another real nice post by some of Walberg's supporters:
I didn't see any Club for Growth dollars on the Walberg FEC site.
FYI: Renier has $52 C.O.H.
Looking through the reports, it looks like most of Schauer's money is outside the district and Walberg raised more inside the district. This is just a first look, but if somebody has time would be interesting to see a comparison. Also, we got to realize 1)Schauer's never had a tough race (outside groups pouring a lot of money in, '02 they looked at taking him on, but Mortimer never got any help) and 2)Walberg's has always run grassroots campaigns (just remember how he spent the least in '04 and came in 3rd beating out people that raised 6x as much) and Schwarz and the outside groups significantly out spent Walberg and the Club for Growth, 3) Schauer hasn't run in a Presidential election year since 2000... I guess bottom line this is still a Republican district, Schauer has been way too tight with the Governor, and McCain is going to run extremely well in the district.
when you look at itemized individual reciepts over 30% of Walberg's money came from out of state, nevermind out of district. Less than 10% of Schauer's itemized individual receipts came from out of state. So my guess is, you didn't even take a "quick" look at the reports.

To your assertion that Schauer has never won a tough race - he beat an incumbent in 1996 and took a Republican held open seat in 2002. I have no recollection of whether or not Mortimer got any help in 2002 or not, but if not, it is because Schauer put it away early.

Run back to Marsden now and get new talking points.
Not to mention that Gov. Granholm carried Jackson County against DeVos.
Everyone knows Schauer's staff is paid to post on Michigan Liberal and Blogging for Michigan. Nice to know taxpayer dollars are being spend to post here, too.
I am not a state employee, but even if I was, how would posting on a Saturday be "spending taxpayer dollars"

Try again Matt.
Keep on assuming that all of us skeptical of Schauer are just Republican trolls and you'll be in for a rude awakening in the fall.
If my senator is paying his staff to post on blogs instead of working on legislation to help Michigan or fix the budget, yeah I'm concerned.

And since when do state employees not work weekends if their bosses ask?

The poster of course didn't deny he worked for Senator Schauer, so he could be with the campaign.

Here's an interesting question. If Schauer is doing so well and raising so much money, why are his people so paranoid, always lashing out at posters on this site?
I am sorry, let me be more precise - I am in no way connected to or employed by Mark Schauer. I am just a person who can take a cursory glance at an FEC report and who can remember/read election returns.

I also happen to be a Mark Schauer fan, he is a dedicated public servant, and he will be the Democratic nominee for the 7th District, and he will be the new Congressman for 7th District.

I respond because a lot of time is spent on this site, making asserations about why Mark Schauer is bad, instead of why Tim Walberg is bad.

Also - I am sure that many legislative employees do work on the weekends. However, if they were posting on a blog on a Saturday, that in no way could be considered "wasting" tax payer dollars. State employees are entitled to a political opinion.
My feeling is that CFG will not directly support Walberg, but they will put out an edict to CFG supporters to send him money. Plutocrats from all over the country, with no logical connection or interest in Wally will "schauer" him with cash.

All one has to do is go to and pull up his donor list from 06 to see how many fat-cats from all over America gave him 85 percent of his cash.

He represents them...not us!

Eric Greene has a good column in today's Enquirer. "Christian Right Can Start Worrying"
What a pissy little turn this tread took.

The post was about Walberg's fundraising. Why did it go off into state employee issues?

I am lost...

We need to focus on Walberg and leave the Schauer fanaticism to the Schauer fanatics.
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