Monday, April 14, 2008

Schauer Raises $326,000 in 1Q

Unlike Sharon Renier, Mark Schauer's campaign finance information for the first quarter of 2008 isn't online yet. When available, I'll post it later this week.

However, the campaign did send out a press release:

More than $326,000 raised in third quarter indicates solid momentum

BATTLE CREEK-The Schauer for Congress campaign announced today that it has raised more than $326,000 in the third quarter and more than $900,000 total to date. The financial support is the result of more than 1,000 contributions in the quarter, 86 percent of which came from individuals within Michigan.

"From small towns to downtowns, first time donors and online donors, people are stepping up because they believe in what we're doing," said Schauer. "Their dedication will help us deliver a change in November, a change focused on jobs and solutions."

The campaign has consistently demonstrated strong financial support since beginning last August. Currently, it has more than $750,000 cash-on-hand.

"Congressman Walberg has had Dick Cheney in town raising money for him and we expect the Club for Growth special interest group will pour in cash for him like they did in the last election, " said BJ Neidhardt, campaign director. "He has a lot of wealthy supporters willing to bankroll his campaign to stay in Washington, so it's important that we keep working hard to be able to defend against their impending attacks."
(Emphasis added.)

Every quarter, Schauer continues to impress me, and the fact that he's almost raised a million dollars this early is incredible. The fact that he's sitting on $750,000 right now is even more meaningful. He's spent less than a quarter of what he's raised, and he has more than enough resources to compete with Walberg this summer.

In 2006, we saw that more money doesn't always mean more votes. But when you're raising $326,000 in a quarter from over 1,000 donors, the vast majority of whom live in Michigan, it doesn't hurt.

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I just read the story on the Battle Creek paper's website. There is a quote from Walberg's spokesman, Joe Wicks. He is discussing the campaign's momentum, but isn't his salary paid by us, the taxpayers? Shouldn't he be focused on Walberg's congressional agenda of tax cuts for Wall Street, draconian social control programs and starvation of his district rather than Walberg's re-election?
I think you are absolutely right. There are strict rules regarding separation of Congressional staff and Campaign Staff. Following the rules has never been a priority for Wally. He violated many campaign rules and was called on some of them, but the FEC is spineless and wouldn't enforce them.

He's a clergyman, above the law and pure as the wind driven snow, and incovenient administrative and campaign rules don't apply to him.
I'm sure Schauer would never break any rules. Like having a staffer hide behind your desk and take pictures of the State Senate voting board for political purposes. Or having paid staff organize rallies/protests against Walberg. Oh wait he did all of those things and more. He is no better than Walberg. Sharon Renier is the only one in this race who has never sunk down to the nasty level of Shauer and Walberg.
Maybe someone else with integrity will get into the race. I really do not like Walberg and Schauer is a contrast in policies, but not personality. Both have that politician smile down pat and both come off as real swell guys, but I have heard enough stories and seen enough BS to know a slime-ball when I see one.

I think Renier is just plain wacky and will not vote for her either. She does not have a steady relationship with reality in my unprofessional opinion, so that leaves me right now with no one to vote for.

Anybody honest and sane out there?
Congressman can have staffers work on their campaign staff as long as they keep things separate. They cannot make campaign calls from Congressional office phones, they cannot work on Congressional time on the campaign, etc.. Since Wicks is salaried, the lines are blurred a bit. Usually when the race really heats up, say August, staffers usually go on leave to work for the campaign full time.

So far, I have not seen evidence on whether Mr. Wicks crossed this line.
Wrong. There are very strict lines. The rules don't start in August. Wicks should only be answering questions as a member of the campaign staff, not as chief of staff. He should not send out communications from House computers or be talking on House phones. Wonder if Schauer is planning to file something. Walberg's always had a tough time playing by the rules.
I didn't say the rules started in August. I said that that was typically when staffers went on leave to work for the campaign full time.

What I meant by blurring is since Wicks is not a hourly employee, he can more easily devote his time to the campaign (just not within the confines of the congressional offices). What I have seen reported so far, Wicks is keeping these lines separate.
Curious what you've seen that convinces you Wicks is keeping things separate. Most stories I've seen quote him as chief of staff and none as campaign manager. There was just a story today calling Walberg on this.

Fun math problem: WHat would Joe Wicks make per hour. I think his salary is about $120,000 a year.
$120,000/52 weeks/40 hours = $57.69/hour. Not bad.
Anyone who thinks a chief of staff for a congressman is working 40 hours a week is on crack. It is more like 6.5 days a week and 12 to 14 hours per day. I'd say Walberg's staff earns their money when you consider the whacko crap he pulls on a regular basis. It would be a very difficult job to work for Walberg and sleep at night.

On top of all that, Wicks is going to be looking for work on January 1st, 2009, so the job security sucks. Hopefully after he pays DC rent he is able to put some of it in the bank.
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