Monday, May 05, 2008

Mark Schauer's First Quarter Fundraising

This was a long time ago, but in the interests of completeness... (I posted Renier's on April 14... but it's been a busy month since then.)

From Michigan Senate Minority Leader Mark Schauer's report to the Federal Election Commission:

Column A
This Period
Column B
11. Contributions (other than loans) From:
(a) Individuals/Persons Other than Political Committees
(i) Itemized208746.10
(ii) Unitemized33853.49
(iii) Total Of Contributions From Individuals242599.59597050.65
(b) Political Party Commitees0.000.00
(c) Other Political Committees (such as PACS)80950.00287875.00
(d) The Candidate0.000.00
(e) Total Contributions (11(a)(iii) + (b) + (c))323549.59884925.65
12. Transfers From Other Authorized Committees0.0014918.90
13. Loans
(a) Made Or Guaranteed By The Candidate0.000.00
(b) All Other Loans0.000.00
(c) Total Loans ((a) + (b))0.000.00
14. Offsets to Operating Expenditures (Refunds, Rebates, etc) 0.000.00
15. Other Receipts3194.244883.51
16. Total Receipts (11(e) + 12 + 13(c) + 14 + 15) 326743.83904728.06
17. Operating Expenditures66747.73142468.95
18. Transfers to Other Authorized Committees10000.0010000.00
19. Loan Repayments:
(a) Of Loans Made or Guaranteed by the Candidate0.000.00
(b) Of All Other Loans0.000.00
(c) Total Loan Repayments ((a) + (b)) 0.000.00
20. Refunds of Contributions To:
(a) Individuals/Persons Other Than Political Committees200.00200.00
(b) Political Party Committees0.000.00
(c) Other Political Committees (such as PACs) 0.000.00
(d) Total Contribution Refunds (28(a) + (b) + (c)) 200.00200.00
21. Other Disbursements0.00700.00
22. Total Disbursements (17 + 18 + 19(c) + 20(d) + 21) 76947.73153368.95
23. Cash On Hand At Beginning Of Reporting Period501563.01
24. Total Receipts This Period (line 16) 326743.83904728.06
25. Subtotal (23 + 24) 828306.84
26. Total Disbursements This Period (line 22) 76947.73153368.95
27. Cash On Hand At Close Of The Reporting Period (25 - 26) 751359.11

We all pretty much knew this, but it's worth pointing out the highlights. Schauer raised $323,549.59 in the first quarter of 2008, at about $885,000 for the whole cycle.. That's a little less than the initial report suggested, but nonetheless impressive. Of his contributions last quarter, about 75 percent came from individuals, which is good.

As far as spending goes, Schauer hasn't spent all that much, and had $751,359.11 cash-on-hand at the beginning of April. That's a lot of money for a challenger in an R+2 district.

Some significant* contributors: Lynn Rivers (former member of Congress), Doug Spade (former state representative, Lenawee County), Leonard Smigielski (Jackson County Democratic chair), Kildee for Congress, Rangel for Congress, Levin for Congress, Pam Byrnes for State Representative, AFL-CIO, AFSCME, SEUI, and a bunch of other unions, plus a bunch of names of bloggers that I've come to recognize from Michigan and national blogs.

The point of that? It's pretty clear that Schauer has managed to secure the establishment support and a lot of activist support. As long as he can keep all of them liking him-- unions, bloggers, local party leaders-- he'll have quite an army of supporters when it finally comes time to get out the vote.

Overall, a good quarter for Schauer. Next post, we'll see how Congressman Walberg fared.

* Note that significant is in terms of importance as I perceive it, not amount contributed.

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